soundtracks i own...

  • -original score THE VIRGIN SUICIDES by air
  • -priscilla queen of the desert
  • -until the end of the world (this has got some great stuff...nick cave and the bad seeds, rem, u2, depeche mode, elvis costello, david byrne...)
  • -some kind of wonderful
  • -the piano
  • -gas food lodging (more nick cave)
  • -sense and sensibility
  • -rushmore
  • -a room with a view
  • -amadeus
  • -Pretty In Pink--ON VINYL!!! (it's got loads of great stuff...psychedelic furs, the smiths, suzanne vega, and that reeally cool song "if you leave" by OMD)
Author Comments: 

this is weird...i started this list thinking i had a lot more soundtrack albums than i actually do...hmmm. well whatever. this is kind of a boring list idea but i think i've got pretty good variety

uuummmm....Pretty in Pink?? On vinyl?? how could you forget that one?!? -groovyt