[songs] possible follow-up songs for one-hit wonders (by John Moe)

  • these are all from a submitted McSweeneys list, so I can't take credit for anything more than offering them humbly to you:
  • How Are We Going to Get These Dogs Back In?
  • Bust an Additional Move
  • Seriously, Eileen, Come On
  • (Won't You Give Me A Ride Home From) Funkytown?
  • Remember When You Lit up My Life? That Was Great
  • I Will Now Pass the Dutchie Back to You and Thank You for Passing It to Me Originally Because I Really Enjoyed the Dutchie
  • The Morning That the Lights Came Back on in Georgia
  • Everybody Was Kung Fu Making Up
  • Achier Breakier Heart
  • Whoomp! There It Continues to Be
  • 867-5309 extension 2
  • We Never Took It and Persist in Our Refusal to Take It

Thank you for the biggest laugh I've had in some weeks! Priceless!

McSweeneys is usually good for that kind of thing. the 'lists' section is usually teeming with clever selections.

that said, before yesterday, I hadn't read it in a while because they didn't accept my two submissions last year. wounded ego and all that.