Songs My Daughter (Age 6) Loves

  • Tom Waits - "Cemetery Polka"
  • Neko Case - "Wish I Was the Moon"
  • Duran Duran - "New Moon on Monday"
  • Citizen King - "Better Days"
  • Fatboy Slim - "Rockefeller Skank"
  • Train - "Drops of Jupiter" (forgive her, she just really loves the planet Jupiter)
  • Queen - "Bicycle Race"
  • ELO - "Mr. Blue Sky"
  • Air - "Kelly Watch the Stars"
  • Franz Ferdinand - "Take Me Out"
  • Dresden Dolls - "Girl Anachronism"
  • Johnny Cash - "Ring of Fire"
  • The Streets - "Dry Your Eyes"
  • U2 - "Vertigo"
  • Green Day - "American Idiot"

I have high hopes for your daughter if she likes those Tom Waits, Neko Case, Johnny Cash and Dresden Dolls songs at her age. She should have exquisite taste in music when she gets older. "Girl Anachronism" is a pretty disturbing thing for a 6 year old, but I guess she doesn't really listen to the lyrics.

I have high hopes as well, but you know how teenagers are with rebellion. I was a rebel by listening to the Sex Pistols, my daughter will be by listening to her generation's Britney Spears.

"Ring of Fire" was behind a really memorable moment last year when both kids were listening to it by sharing a pair of headphones. Catherine knew all the words but from Brady, you'd only hear occasional lyrics - "Love...Ring...I Fell..." I think Johnny would have liked it.

And thank god she doesn't listen to the lyrics, because "Girl Anachronism" is indeed very disturbing.