Songs That Make You Bop Your Head Like a Llama on Crack

  • 1. "Man it's So Loud in Here"--They Might Be Giants
  • 2. "Discoball World"--David Garza
  • 3. "Decrescendo"--Daft Punk
  • 4. "Birthday Cake"--Cibo Matto
  • 5. "B.O.B"--Outkast
  • 6. "Afrika Shox"--Afrika Bambaataa
  • 7. "Upside Down From Here"--Atom and His Package
  • 8. "Heaven"--DJ Sammy and Yanou
  • 9. "Run to the Sun"--Erasure
  • 10. "Good Luck"--Basement Jaxx
  • 11. "Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World"--Johnny Clegg and Savuka
  • 12. "Wild Thing"--Kermit the Frog and the Muppets
  • 13. "Immigrant Song"--Led Zeppelin
  • 14. "My United States of Whatever"--Liam Lynch
  • 15. "Fette's Vette"--MC Chris
  • 16. "I'm Real"--The Starting Line (J. Lo Cover)
  • 17. "Malchik Gay"--t.A.T.u.
  • 18. "Beached"--Orbital
  • 19. "Rock Lobster"--The B-52s
  • 20. "Glimmer Man"--The START
Author Comments: 

I tried to make a list of songs that are purely sugar. Like, the people who wrote/performed them had just eaten like 20 bomb popsicles, sat down, and were like yeeeeeeehaw!!! That's what these songs are to me. They're not simply fast songs, or happy songs, they're separately just a bit too sugar-high. But not in a bad way. Boy do I have a way with words.

A llama on crack, you don't say.

I'd add Blur-Song 2 because it's silly and really bouncy.

Cibo Matto rock dude!



A llama on crack? Yeah, you do have a way with words -- that cracked me up. Now, let me go actually read the list.