Songs, good or bad, that will get stuck in your mind

  • I've covered every genre of music I listen to with this list. They are in no particular order, and I'll add more as I think of them.
  • "New Years Day"- U2
  • "Discopolis"- Lifelike & Kris Menace
  • "The Launch"- DJ Jean
  • "Waterfalls"- Atlantic Ocean
  • "Two Months Off"- Underworld
  • "Clocks"- Coldplay
  • "Thray"- Gaki Chan
  • "Laughter"- Ippo
  • "Ajare"- Way Out West
  • "Fade To Black"- Metallica
  • "A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld"- The Orb
  • "Airwave"- Rank 1
  • "Born Slippy"- Underworld
  • "Endless Desire"- Varian (Mark Otten Remix)
  • "Eastern Sea"- Solarstone (Martin Roth Remix)
  • "Flaming June"- BT
  • "Suburban Train"- Tiesto
  • "Passion"- Utada Hikaru
  • "Dreams"- Quench
  • "Children"- Robert Miles
  • "Acid Eiffel"- Choice
  • "Everything Goes"- Ferry Corsten
  • "This Is The Last Time"- Keane (Martin Roth Remix)
  • "Everybody"- Martin Solveig
  • "Strange World"- Push
  • "We Came In Peace"- Dance 2 Trance
  • "Jam The Nightclub"- Dougal & Gammer
  • "Cherish The Day"-Plummet (Antillas Club Mix)
  • "Sandstorm"- Darude
  • "Totally Fascinated"- Fascinated
  • "Diamonds From Sierra Leone"- Kanye West
  • "Cafe del Mar"- Energy 52 (Three N One Remix)
  • "Dream Makers"- Kuffdam & Plant
  • "Voices From The Inside"- MIKE (MIKE's Progreessiva Mix)
  • "Time"- The Dream Traveller
  • "The Loves We Lost"- Allure
  • "Deeper Still"- Eric Prydz
  • "These Days"- Petter (Luke Chable's Those Days Remix)
  • "Run Away"- The Real McCoy (Club Attack Mix)
  • "You Are Sleeping"- The PQM (Luke Chable Meets The PQM Vocal Pass)
  • "Ressurrection"- PPK
  • "Troya"- Odyssee Of Noises
  • "Faith In Love"- Flash Brothers
  • "The Reachers Of Civilization"- York
  • "White Sand"- DJ Shah
  • "Access"- DJ Misjah & DJ Tim
  • "Perception"- Cass & Slide (New Vocal Mix)
  • "Speed Of Sound"- Coldplay (C64 Remix)
  • "Greece 2000"- Three Drives
  • "Crazy"- Gnarls Barkley
  • "1998"- Binary Finary
  • "Miss Jackson"- Outkast
  • "What Is Love?"- Haddaway
  • More to come!

biggest song stuck in the head song for me is panama red by old and in the way

I've heard not of the song nor the band. What genre is it?

it's the most famous of the songs old and in the way did, they are the bluegrass band jerry garcia started.

Oooh, I always liked the Dead. I'll definately be looking this up. Thanks :)

I agree with Clocks. That always gets stuck in my head.

Disagree with New Year's Day. I forgot that about 3 seconds after I listened to it.

Haven't even heard any of the songs. Still, good list :P

Well, I'm a huge U2 fan. That may be part of the reason

And most of those songs are of a genre called trance. If you check my content, you'll find a good number of lists related to trance. You might want to download some of the songs if you feel like something new ;)

Oh, well, I'm not a fan of trance. So I guess that's why I don't know them :P

What's the reason you're not a fan of trance?

1) You haven't heard of it
2) You've heard the crap they play on the radio and label as trance
3) You've downloaded a number of classcs and found it not to your liking

I'm interested to hear about this :p

They play trance or something like it on the radio? I don't think they do that here

It's just not my type of music. I'm just not a fan of electronic music. And yes, I've heard quite a bit of it. A bunch of people in my old class were trance/techno/whatever fans, so they played it every day.

Each to their own, I guess :P
Is that even the right expression?

To each his own is the expression, and I'm glad you at least have a good reason for not liking it. Most of the people in my school have heard only the crap that gets radio play and bash it without having heard anything truly worth listening to.

Contrary to popular belief, if you don't like trance, and you have heard enough to make that judgement, I'm not gonna jump down your throat, because opinions are just those-opinions.

(real) Trance will never, no matter how much they listen to it, appeal to people who like songs to be more like stories; trance is a textures genre. There's nothing wrong with this, there is some very good lyrical music out there, and texture listening is a pretty postmodern concept that won't appeal to everyone. You'll note that most people who truly like trance - especially classic trance - also like at least some bands like My Bloody Valentine (Loveless, at the very least), Sigur Ros, Radiohead, Animal Collective, The Notwist, Boards of Canada, and Broken Social Scene (if they listen to them enough to get acquainted, and they like trance for a reason other than the beats - this also isn't a 2-way street, however, as those bands do [mostly] have lyrical content.). It's because these artists/bands all create texture-based music. Artists like David Bowie, Belle & Sebastian, or even the Grateful Dead wouldn't appeal to someone who only likes textures, and the bands listed above (and [real] trance), wouldn't appeal so much to one who only likes stories and self-expression. I'm guessing grandpachum is a fan of classic rock - pretty much the last mainstream genre to immerse itself in telling intelligent stories, or a more story-based form of indie rock.

I also think that's a very good reason to dislike trance after giving it a real try (that is, listening to some classic trance, progresive trance, and minimal trance). Of course, some people just won't like the particular texture that (real) trance has.

Huey 'Piano' Smith & The Clowns - Don't You Just Know It (1958)