Songs with days of the week in the title, please add more!

  • Sunday Morning, Yellow Sky sub. by taryn
  • Sunday Morning (No Doubt) sub. by busy
  • Sunday Morning Coming Down (Johnny Cash) sub. by Min
  • Easy Like Sunday Morning (Faith No More) sub. by busy
  • Sunny Sunday (Joni Mitchell) sub. by Min
  • Sunday Girl (Blondie) sub. by noahveil
  • Lazin' on a Sunday Afternoon (Queen)
  • Gloomy Sunday (I have a version sung by Bjork)
  • Pleasant Valley Sunday (The Monkees)
  • Sunday will Never Be the Same (Spanky and Our Gang) sub. by jblack
  • Sunday was a Fine Day (early Moby)
  • Sunday, Bloody Sunday (U2)
  • Tell Me on a Sunday (Andrew Lloyd Weber)
  • Every Day is Like Sunday (Morrissey) sub. by taryn
  • Monday, Monday (The Mamas and the Papas)
  • Manic Monday (The Bangles)
  • Come Monday (Jimmy Buffett) sub. by timepiec
  • Monday Mornin Blues (Breathe) sub. by taryn
  • Thank God It's Monday (NoFX) sub. by anon.
  • I Don't Like Mondays (The Boomtown Rats) sub. by jblack
  • New Moon on Monday (Duran Duran) sub. by noahveil
  • Blue Monday (New Order) sub. by noahveil
  • Tuesday Afternoon (The Moody Blues) sub. by spoky
  • Ruby Tuesday (The Stones) sub. by timepiec
  • Tuesday's Gone (Llynrd Skynnrd) sub. by olenka001
  • Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M. (Simon and Garfunkel) sub. by noahveil then jgandcag
  • Waiting for Wednesday (Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories) sub. by Min
  • 10:15 Thursday Morning (Hollies) sub. jgandcag
  • Thursday's Child (David Bowie) sub. by taryn
  • Thursday (Morphine)
  • Thursday Morning (Hollies) sub. by jgandcag
  • Friday, I'm in love (The Cure)
  • Friday on my Mind (The Easybeats) sub. by jblack
  • Saturday Night (The Eagles) sub. by timepiec
  • Saturday Night (Suede) sub. by anon.
  • Saturday Night (Skyhooks) sub. by farque
  • Saturday Night (Bay City Rollers) sub. by Min
  • Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting (Elton John) sub. by timepiec
  • Another Saturday Night (Cat Stevens) sub. by Min
  • Happy Days Theme (Happy Days) sub. by taryn
  • Some Days are Better Than Others (U2) sub. by christy
  • Driver's Seat (off Boogie Nights 2)
  • Seven Days (by Mr. Rogers)
  • Seven Days (Sting) sub. by rareheintz
  • Tuesdays Dead Cat Stevens
Author Comments: 

I'm beginning work on a mix-tape entirely consistent of songs associated with the days of the week. If you can think of any further songs to help out (esp. ones representing the neglected tues-thurs, please submit them.)

What's with all the songs about Sunday anyway?

Sunday Morning but this one is by the Velvet Underground.
I think both the Allman Brothers and Eric Clapton had songs called Stormy Monday.

Wolfie - It's Thursday, Not Sunday
Texas - Sunday Afternoon
Blur - Sunday Sunday
Shed Seven - She Left Me on Friday
Pulp - Monday Morning
Stevie Wonder - Tuesday Heartbreak
Yo La Tengo - Saturday
Jimmy Eat World - Wednesday

You asked for it. ~;^) An old list of mine. Sorry for the duplications as I started my list from jenhowels original, too.

a sunday kind of love – (the harptones)
all on a sunday – (spocks beard)
another park another sunday – (the doobie brothers)
blue sunday – (the doors)
church on sunday – (green day)
every day is like sunday – (10,000 maniacs)
gloomy sunday – (bjork)
lazing on a sunday afternoon – (queen)
lazy sunday – (the small faces)
never on sunday – (the chordettes)
on sunday – (til tuesday)
pleasant valley sunday – (the monkees)
saturday night sunday morning – (thelma houston)
some sunday morning – (helen forrest & dick haymes)
sugar on sunday – (tommy james and the shondells)
sunday and me – (jay & the americans)
sunday for tea – (peter and gordon)
sunday girl – (blondie)
sunday monday or always – (bing crosby)
sunday morning - (earth, wind & fire)
sunday morning – (maroon 5)
sunday morning – (no doubt)
sunday morning call – (oasis)
sunday morning coming down – (johnny cash)
sunday morning, yellow sky – (october project)
sunday papers – (joe jackson)
sunday street – (squeeze)
sunday sun – (beck)
sunday was a fine day – (moby)
sunday will never be the same – (spanky and our gang)
sunday, bloody sunday – (u2)
sunday's best – (elvis costello)
sunny sunday – (joni mitchell)
sweet sunday – (beach boys)
tell me on a sunday – (andrew lloyd weber)
that sunday that summer – (nat king cole)
ugly sunday – (mark lanegan)
what are you doing sunday – (tony orlando & dawn)
will you be staying after sunday – (the peppermint rainbow)
young girl sunday blues – (jefferson airplane)

a monday in vegas – (lucerin blue)
black monday – (lowest of the low)
blue monday – (fats domino)
blue monday – (new order)
blue monday – (orgy)
chelsea monday – (fish)
come monday – (jimmy buffett)
come next monday – (kt oslin)
crying like a church on monday – (new radicals)
every monday – (marvelous 3)
every monday morning come – (suede)
except for monday – (lori morgan)
here’s monday – (bonnie tyler)
home on a monday – (little river band)
I don't like mondays – (the boomtown rats)
it might as well stay monday – (cher)
It sure is monday – (mark chesnutt)
laundromat monday – (joe jackson)
lonely monday morning – (snow)
make it till monday – (the verve)
manic monday – (the bangles)
maybe monday – (til tuesday)
mist on a monday morning – (the moody blues)
monday – (the jam)
monday – (the living end)
monday – (wilco)
monday is gone – (the outer limits)
monday mornin blues – (breathe)
monday morning – (fleetwood mac)
monday morning – (pulp)
monday morning girl – (fools garden)
monday morning rock – (marshall crenshaw)
monday papers – (joe jackson)
monday thru friday – (cliff richard)
monday will never be the same – (husker du)
monday without you – (the wilsons)
monday woman – (b.b. king)
monday, monday – (the mamas and the papas)
my monday date – (louis armstrong)
new moon on monday – (duran duran)
on a monday – (ry cooder)
rainy days and mondays – (carpenters)
st. monday – (billy bragg)
stormy monday – (allman bros.)
suddenly monday – (melanie c)
sunday monday or always – (bing crosby)
thank god it's monday – (nofx)
the monday troup – (gary numan)

barely out of tuesday – (counting crows)
church on tuesday – (stone temple pilots)
everythings tuesday – (chairmen of the board)
gentle tuesday – (primal scream)
ironing tuesdays – (the posies)
love you ‘til tuesday – (david bowie)
on a tuesday – (linoleum)
on tuesday – (men without hats)
ruby tuesday – (melanie)
ruby tuesday – (rolling stones)
sun comes up, it’s tuesday morning – (cowboy junkies)
tuesday – (yaz)
tuesday afternoon – (the moody blues)
tuesday and thursday – (hot boy$)
tuesday heartbreak – (stevie wonder)
tuesday morning – (michelle branch)
tuesday morning – (pogues)
tuesday night – (kristin hersh)
tuesday's dead – (cat stevens)
tuesday's gone – (lynyrd skynyrd)

ash wednesday – (deacon blue and ricky ross)
ruby wednesday – (eskimo joe)
waiting for wednesday – (lisa loeb and nine stories)
wednesday – (jimmy eat world)
wednesday – (rain)
wednesday – (tori amos)
wednesday again – (self)
wednesday morning – (america)
wednesday morning, 3 a.m. – (simon and garfunkel)
wednesday the third – (saves the day)
wednesday week – (elvis costello)

10:15 thursday morning – (hollies)
like a summer thursday – (townes van zandt)
outlook for thursday – (dd smash)
sweet thursday – (cat stevens)
the black friar's union of thursday night anarchists – (bombs over providence)
thursday – (jim croce)
thursday – (morphine)
thursday at the blue note – (white town)
thursday's child – (david bowie)
tuesday and thursday – (hot boy$)

a few minutes on friday – (bright eyes)
black friday – (grinspoon)
black friday – (megadeth)
black friday – (steely dan)
black friday rule – (flogging molly)
every friday afternoon – (craig morgan)
every other friday at five – (trace adkins)
freaky friday – (aqua)
friday – (bowling for soup)
friday – (daniel bedingfield)
friday – (ice cube)
friday – (joe jackson)
friday at five – (john michael montgomery)
friday at rex – (jay-jay johanson)
friday fun – (the donnas)
friday night – (scarface)
friday night – (the darkness)
friday on my mind – (the easybeats)
friday the 13th – (royal crown revue)
friday, i'm in love – (the cure)
friday's child – (van morrison)
get 'em out by friday – (genesis)
good friday – (black crowes)
good friday – (cowboy junkies)
high school football friday night – (mojo nixon)
love you till friday – (the replacements)
monday thru friday – (cliff richard)
stupid friday – (mandy kane)
thank god it's friday – (love & kisses)

10:15 saturday night – (the cure)
5:30 Saturday Morning – (lennon)
almost saturday night – (john fogerty)
another saturday night – (cat stevens)
another saturday night – (sam cooke)
come saturday morning – (the sandpipers)
drive-in saturday – (david bowie)
everyday's a saturday – (elemeno p)
heart of saturday night – (desperado)
is it saturday yet – (nick carter)
it always rains on saturday – (reba mc entire)
it's saturday – (marcy playground)
jukebox saturday night – (glenn miller)
let's kill saturday night – (5 chinese brothers)
looking for the heart of saturday night – (tom waits)
louisiana saturday night – (alabama)
louisiana saturday night – (benjy davis project)
miss saturday night – (molly hatchet)
one long saturday night – (br5-49)
same old saturday night – (frank sinatra)
saturday – (the rocket summer)
saturday (ooh ooh) – (ludacris)
saturday as usual – (bright eyes)
saturday in the park – (chicago)
saturday morning – (eels)
saturday morning – (harry chapin)
saturday morning confusion – (bobby russell)
saturday night – (bay city rollers)
saturday night – (cold chisel)
saturday night – (eve 6)
saturday night – (jo dee messina)
saturday night – (john waite)
saturday night – (lonestar)
saturday night – (misfits)
saturday night – (skyhooks)
saturday night – (suede)
saturday night – (the eagles)
saturday night – (whigfield)
saturday night at the movies – (the drifters)
saturday night divas – (spice girls)

A great list that I bookmarked because I've been planning my own mix on the subject.
I must point out though (I'm a stickler) that the fourth in your list is actually just called 'Easy' and was originally by The Commodores.