Small Things That Make Me Immeasurably Happy

  • When I look at the sky and can see the clouds moving across it.
  • Elderly tourists.
  • The split second when you drive under an overpass and the rain stops hitting the windshield.
  • Young mothers being nice to their children.
  • Lightning.
  • The liberal/ pacifist/ tolerance buttons on my sister's backpack.
  • Writing in a new notebook for the first time.
  • Choosing classes for my first semester of college!
  • When my grandmother sends me the 'Classic Ann Landers' column from her local paper every week.
  • Snowflakes in eyelashes.
  • Wrapping presents.
  • The pattern the lights on a Christmas tree make on the wall behind it - the branches look huge and it's all the different colors of the lights, and I could watch forever.

Walking in the rain.

Nice one.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Thunder too, especially that long crackling rolling kind that sounds like it's circling your house from a distance.

I do love thunder, but lightning makes me happier. It's especially beautiful when you can actually see the line of lightning, not just the light in the sky.

Y'know, I really love this list. I recognize all these little things as happiness-inducers. Anyway, good luck at college this fall!

Thank you, jim.