The Simpsons: Your Best And Worst

  • The idea of this list is for you chance to post your favourite and least favouirte simpsons episode and hope that it will start some debate or agreement. first off i'll start:
  • Rushmore

  • Best Secrets of a Successful Marriage
  • Worst The Regina Monologues (The one with tony blair - so scripted souding)
  • Baker

  • Best The City Of New York Vs Homer Simpson
  • Worst The Day Of The Jackanapes
  • Penny

  • Best Bart Vs Austrailia
  • Worst Who Shot Mr.Burns Part 1 + 2
  • AJDaGreat

  • Best Marge Vs The Monorail / Cape Feare
  • Worst My Sister, My Sitter
  • Wezzo

  • Best Homer's Barbershop Quartet
  • Worst Simpson Safari
  • Jokow11

  • Best Homer the Heretic
  • Worst Lisa the Simpson
  • IBangs

  • Best Lisa the Vegetarian
  • Worst Pray Anything
  • Cosgrove

  • Best Sideshow Bob Roberts
  • Worst D'oh in In The Wind
  • Russa03

  • Best Mr.Plow
  • Worst Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife
  • Jakey

  • Best Mr.Plow
  • Worst Any Halloween Special
  • WB

  • Best Summer Of 4 Ft. 2
  • Worst New Kids on the Bleech
  • Grampa_Chum

  • Best Homer Loves Ned
  • Worst Rosebud
  • Critico

  • Best Homer BadMan
  • Worst Homer's Enemy
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Best: "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson" - What is it about one man pitted against an entire city that is so hilarious? I think it's Homer's unwillingness to surrendur, the fact that he takes everything but doesn't back down. It's silly what he endures, yet his determination is so admirable you have to root for him.

Worst: "Day of the Jackanapes" - A pitiful continuation of the Sideshow Bob saga. There have been a lot of great Sideshow Bob episodes, even though it seemed harder and harder to keep it interesting. This one didn't find a good script before the deadline.
Here's the quick episode list if you're trying to remember your choices for best and worst: CLICK HERE.

cool. nice choices. thanks for the link. The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson, is a great very underrated episode. "kalkalash!" i love it when he is driving with the clamp still no his car!

"We have Mountain Dew or Crab Juice."
"Ewww! I'll take Crab Juice!"

"When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of being in a Broadway audience."

Really? your least favorite was one of my top 10(i don't know which exactly, but it's definately in there).

Best: Bart vs. Australia - Starts with a prank call and gets better from there. Good satire of international relations and American tourists.

Runner Up: Treehouse of Horror V - Entirely for the time-travelling toaster.

Worst: Who Shot Mr. Burns Pts. 1 & 2 - A good concept, but it makes The Simpsons feel like a completely different show.

Yes! The time-traveling toaster is one of my absolute favorites. "Don't touch anything??? I'll touch whatever I want!!!" Hahaha.

personally i like the "who shot Mr.Burns" episodes. but nice choices still!

Best: I'm probably going to have to go with something unoriginal - either Marge vs. the Monorail or Cape Feare. But both are great, hilarious episodes that represent all that I loved about The Simpsons at its peak.

Worst: My Sister, My Sitter. Starts with Lisa getting inspired to start babysitting, ends with Bart half-dead in a gutter and people accusing Lisa of being on drugs and planning to drown Maggie. What can I say? I think this was the beginning of the end.

Well, I have an entire top 100 elsewhere here... but:

Best: Homer's Barbershop Quartet
Worst: Simpson Safari

I think the only thing that redeems "Simpson Safari" for me was when Simpson rolls around in the diamonds, laughing and says, "He he he. Ahhh... Africa." It's almost a direct acknowledgement of how ridiculously terrible the story is.

I like the part where Homer insists on doing everything pictured on the animal crackers box, including shooting a lion in the face. The last half of that episode is pretty terrible, though.

lol thats a funny line.

For me, the 3rd to 5th seasons were the best. Well before Homer became an unfunny characterature of himself. They were all still written as real people. My favorite by far is when Homer refuses to go to church and stays home to watch football. Rev Lovejoy - "We can all live together, be you Christian, Jew, or other"

Worst episode - I think it's the one where Lisa thinks every Simpson gets stupider as they age. A frightening analogy for the actual show.

FWIW, the ep titles:

Homer the Heretic and Lisa the Simpson.

totlally agree with your comments about homer. the show has become a characterature of its self and alot of the lines seem really scrpted and forced these days

My favorite is Lisa the Vegetarian, and I think my least fav was the one titled Pray Anything (I'll have to check on that...).

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Good call with Pray Anything. What a terrible episode.

I was amazed at how terrible it was. I think that marked the end of even semi-regular viewing for me, though I am interested in checking out some of the later seasons when they hit disc.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

My favorite is "Sideshow Bob Roberts", mainly just for the perfectly timed line about the dead coming back to life and voting Republican. My least favorite show, I have forgotten the name of, but it's the one where Homer finds out his middle name. That came at the tail end of three or four weak episodes, and it's about then that I stopped watching the show regularly.

Your least favorite one is called D'oh-in' in the Wind.

Okay, that'd be "D'oh-ing in the Wind", then.

nice choice with sideshow bob roberrts, very underrated episode

I'm not really au fait with the episode names but my favourite is the Mr Plow one and my worst is any of the Halloween Specials

Best: Mr. Plow - To diificult to pick a best, i'll go with this for the Adam West scene.

Worst: Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore - I watched some episodes recently from S16 but couldn't finnish them.

I like alot of the worsts except baker's and lbangs picks.

I finished watching Simpsons after the 11th season, (saw some from 12th, but that's it). Basically it was getting better and better each year, until it reached a high-point from which it went downhill, until the episodes became nearly unwatchable (season11 onwards). Of Course this concerns the whole year, and not single episodes.
But from the first ten seasons i may have seen every episode at least 4 times, and I still think it's the best series ever.
After my opinions, here come my "votes":

Best: A Summer for Lisa
Worst: don't remember the title, but the one with N'Sync surely deserves to be called worst.

i'm guessinmg you mean "Summer Of 4 Ft. 2" where lisa buys new clothes while on summer holiday in an attempt to be cool. and she makes those new friends, they cover homers car in shells, if i'm wrong please inform me.

No, you're right of course. I just have problems with the original titles, as here in germany everything is translated and synchronized.

best... homer loves ned
worst... rosebud

just to add, homer goes to college is a close second.

Damn is too hard to pick a best, but one of my very favorites is: Homer, Bad Man , the one where he gets sued for sexual harrasment.

I haven't seen many of the episodes from the last 3 seasons, Directv latin didn't carry Fox, until 3 months or so ago, so among the worst probably Homer's Enemy, which i can't believe is among Groening's favorite episodes.

yeah i haven't seen homer badman in a while but i remember it being very funny.

Terrific idea!

Before contributing, I first have got to collect all my memories and to find out about the English titles of the different episodes...

Ok cool. Baker very nicely posted a link above on the very first post that may help you with the name

Rushmore, just noticed your least fave ep. It's not because you're an anti-Blair guy, is it? ;) 'Cos if it is...!

[Seriously, I didn't like it much either, though I did like the tabloid headlines parodies]

na its nothing to do with blair. i personally don't really keep up with politics or stuff of that nature, i just hated the episode! i thought that the episode just seemed to scripted and forced. nothing to do with blair, just the general terrible writting these days at the simpsons HQ. my original choice for worst episode was "The Day The Violence died" i hate Chester lampwik :-()

Could i change my worst to "Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife". I don't usually watch new Simpsons episodes but because Ricky Gervais wrote this one i thought it might be half decent. I don't blame Gervais though because for me their are so many things wrong with The Simpsons.

yeah totally no probs. yeah i agree, i don't blame Gervais either. the new series of extras started over here this week and its comedy genius, so he's still got it.

I watched the new episode and i thought it was just as good as last season. Easily the best show on television.

Hmmm....worst would be by far New Kids on the Blecch, though I'm also tempted to say Helter Shelter.

Best....damn, so many good ones. I'll just say Radio Bart just to be different.

I'd actually like to change mine too. My Sister, My Sitter I still think is easily the worst from seasons 2-8, but the all-time worst has gotta be from a later season. I'd probably say Brawl in the Family, I hate that episode with a passion.

Best: Homer's Enemy - Had plot that I could enjoy. A hilarious one that that...But it was pretty obvious that they were scrounging for material when they brought him back to the spectrum with that Mardi Gras episode.

Worst: Brake My Wife, Please - The plot doesn't stay still. First we've got Homer walking a lot, but all of a sudden it's yet another crisis of Marriage? Nothing makes sense.