The Simpsons: Top 30

  1. Lemmon Of Troy
  2. " Run boy, he has a taste for meat now!"
  3. Secrets Of A Successful Marriage
  4. Best Bit: Homer Trying to keep his story anonymous
  5. I Love Lisa
  6. Best Bit: "It Was A Bash, Monster Bash!"
  7. Last Exit To Springfield
  8. Best Bit: "I'm gonna punch Lenny in the back of the head" - Wham!-
  9. Seperate Vocations
  10. Best Bit: "Damn Boxes!"
  11. Marge Be Not Proud
  12. Best Bit: "Thrillhouse"
  13. Summer Of 4 FT. 2
  14. Best Bit: Homer pointing out resemblance between milhouse and "The Dud"
  15. Saturdays Of Thunder
  16. Best Bit: "What Boy?" "Your Son, Mr Simpson"
  17. Lisa On Ice
  18. Best Bit: "ha sucker!, Compettative violence thats why you're here!"
  19. Team Homer
  20. Best Bit: "they're the suckiest team that ever did suck" "homer!" "gotta go my damn weiner kids are listening"
  21. Mrs Lisa Goes to Washington
  22. Cape Feare
  23. Burns' Heir
  24. New Kid On The Block
  25. Grampa Vs. Sexual Inadequacy
  26. Homer Badman
  27. Bart On The Road
  28. Bart The Lover
  29. Selma's Choice
  30. $pringfield
  31. Dead Putting Society
  32. Marge on the Lam
  33. Homer And Apu
  34. Brother From The Same Planet
  35. Homer At The Bat
  36. Who Shot Mr Burns Part 2
  37. Lisa's Subsitute
  38. And Maggie Makes Three
  39. A Streetcar Named Marge
  40. Radioactive Man
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Author Comments: 

this was very difficult to compile, and i think in many of the cases some may have been missed and replaced for ones that "came to mind" rather than actually liking.

Great choices all through, not one I dislike!

thankyou. As i mentioned in "Authors Comments" theres bound to be loads i missed, so i'll add them as they come to me. my plan is to extend the list each time i think of noe and hopefully one day reach 100

Secrets of a succesful marriage is the one where Homer becomes an adult ed teacher?, i don't like that episode much.

yeah thats the one. sorry to hear you don't like it, i can't stop laughing everytime i see it!

Your #25 *rocks*.

Just felt like saying that!

Thank you. I Agree

Very good choices (which I suppose goes without saying really, since you thought the same about mine). Nice to see a top 20 list with Dead Putting Society on it, that never gets enough love.