The Simpsons Episodes Ranked

  1. Homer The Heretic(S4) Homer gets permission from God to skip church, much to Marges dismay
  2. Homer Loves Flanders(S5) Homer becomes Flanders best friend after Ned treats him to a football game
  3. Bart Vs Thanksgiving(S2) Bart, hellbent on destruction, ruins Thanksgiving
  4. Homer's Barbershop Quartet(S5) Homer and the gang flashback to their singing days
  5. Homer Alone(S3) Marge goes on vacation and leaves Homer home alone with Maggie
  6. Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire(S1) trouble is brewing when Homer doesn't get his Christmas bonus
  7. Homer Goes To College(S5) Homer hits the books because he caused a nuclear meltdown in a test that didn't contain any nuclear material
  8. The Simpsons Spinoff Showcase(S8) three fictional spinoffs are showcased including 'Wiggum P.I.'
  9. Homer Defined(S3) Homer becomes a hero by incredible luck
  10. How I Spent My Summer Vacation(S14) Homer goes to rock n' roll summer camp in the best of the later seasons, imo
  11. Radio Active Man(S7) Bart and Milhouse battle for the role of fallout boy
  12. Itchy And Scratchy: The Movie(S3) Homer finally punishes Bart
Author Comments: 

Number 1 and 2 are set in stone, i'll get to the rest later

I'm assuming these are your top 12, right? If so, nice list! Very, very pleased to see Hopmer's Barbershop Quartet show up, especially.

not exactly my top 12, just the 12 I saw while ambitious enough to rank them... although the top 5 that is present is most likely my final top 5, I love those episodes so much... but i'm sure the rest will move down if I ever decide to rank more.

Ah, ok, I understand now.

Either way, nice top 5!