Shows that they Cancelled Too Quickly

  • Dead Like Me- great showtime dark comedy about grim reapers....loved it!
  • Point Pleasant- Creepy show, really was starting to get good when they pulled the plug!
  • Homicide- Loved homcide! One of the best cop shows ever!
  • Tru Calling- Great show about Tru who could relive time to stop a person from dying.
  • Playmakers- Great show about a pro football team on ESPN. It showed the dark side of the NFL which angered the ESPN cancelled it so the NFL would not ban ESPN from the games.....HOW LAME!
  • The Jury- This was a great show. It would show the trial from the juries perspective and they would go through the evidence. Then after the verdict you find out if the jury was correct.
  • Boomtown- Great cop show. It would focus on different characters' points of view. I loved it!
  • Twin Peaks- Great David Lynch drama about murder in a small town. Very creepy show and way before it's time. It was fabulously done.
  • Sliders- This show was about traveling through time to correct wrongs.
  • Roswell- This sci-fi show was not given much of a chance.
  • Philly- Good cop show that only lasted one season.
  • 12. Law & Order: Trial By Jury- A good show even after Jerry Orbach pasased away.
  • Over There- Great show about the Iraq War. It also showed the people at home dealing with their loved ones in Iraq.
  • Medical Investigation- Well done show about the best doctors curing epidemics before they get out of hand.
  • John Doe- This pissed me off because they left me with so many unanswered questions!
  • Reunion- They cancelled before the end, so I will never know who was the killer.
  • Twilight Zone- remade by was done well. It was the same type of show but set in more modern times. I love the TZ series and I liked this remake too. But, the remake did not last.
  • Undeclared- Good fun comedy about life in a freshman dormitory.
  • Clubhouse- This was a fun show about the life of a batboy. He gets to meet his heroes. It shows about his crappy homelife and his friendships that he makes.
  • Wonderland- Only lasted 2 weeks. They put it against ER. They never gave this great show a chance.
  • The Book of Daniel- It was a good show about the family of a minister. It was too contraversal, so the sponsors yanked their sponsorship. Therefore, the show was yanked.
  • Arrested Development- Great show that won awards. Too bad, the show did not get a big enough audience.
  • Jack & Bobby- Great show about the childhood of the Kennedys.
  • Eyes- Great show about private eyes.
  • Square Pegs- Quirky high school comedy.
  • My So Called Life- Quirky Dramady.
  • Carnivale- It was a bizarre show on HBO that you really had to watch.
  • Millineum- Great sci-fi show.
  • Politically Incorrect- One of the best talk shows that would try to conquer hotly debated issues. They always had the best guests.
  • Nowhere Man- My husband kept telling me about how great this show was, so I got it on DVD. It was a great show that got cancelled after a short run.
  • Justice- It is a great drama where it takes you through the court case. Then at the end, it shows what really happened.
  • Joey- I liked this show. It was funny.
  • South Beach- This was a good show set in Hawaii. They left me with a cliffhanger where one character was going to jail for a crime another one of the main character did.
Author Comments: 

Some of the best shows get the axe before they should. Sometimes, they get cancelled only after a couple of episodes. Some of these shows if given time could develope an audience. Some needed to be publicized more or changed to different times to give them a chance to survive. There are probably more shows like this that I missed. Maybe I did not get a chance to see these shows.

Now I am starting to TeVo new shows and wait a few episodes to see if the shows will be cancelled. That way I won't be pissed off if the show is cancelled. I get so mad when they leave me hanging with a cliffhanger and do not wrap things up. At least give us 1 more show to answer any unanswered questions. I think that the networks at least owe that to their viewers.

I would add Earth 2 to this list, it lasted one season (1994-1995). It was one of my favorite shows while it was on, then they just canceled it.

I never saw Earth 2.

I agree with some of these, but I have to strongly disagree wtih Killer Instinct. They played some of it here in the UK recently, and boy did it stink. Hackneyed characters, storylines that beggared belief (a killer that paralyses his victims by siccing spiders on them? Do me a favour!), and merely mediocre acting. I was not at all impressed, and I was watching at a time of day and week when any old trash would have entertained me.

I like Chi McBride, from other I might be bias.

Arrested Development, the show so good you listed twice ;)

my bad

Great choices. But no such list is complete without "Freaks and Geeks"!

Your South Beach comment reminds me of the show Duckman; did you ever watch it? The last ten seconds of the last episode of the show feature an cliffhanger that indicates that one of the main elements of the very premise of the show was indeed never true, and the show was canceled before it could be explained.

Not that I think 70 episodes was too few to tell the tale of Eric Duckman, but I wish they could've done one more just to explain what the hell was going on.

Exactly. At least they could at least rap it up for the fans.