shows i don't like but get sucked into

  • entourage - this despicable HBO series has the unfair advantage of following my beloved six feet under. the lead character is also easy on the eyes but absolutely no one has a soul. and if that's the truth about hollywood then i am deeply frightened.
  • i love the 90s - there is nothing to love about this show... i mean, how can we be nostalgic yet? this could just as easily be called "why we hate the 90s." not to mention the A-Z celebrity show this series spawned on VH1. ugh!
  • the brini maxwell show - what the hell is this anyway? it's obviously martha-related, but if it's satire, the tongue is so far embedded in the cheek it's hard to tell.
  • howard stern - the other day i finally saw part of an episode where boy-parts were being pixelated, and you know what--it didn't do anything for me. i sort of understand the listening audience but who watches this show for real?
  • charmed - i pretty much despise alyssa milano and i refuse to watch any episode pre-rose macgowen but even so, i still can't believe this can suck me in!
Author Comments: 

it's not even a guilty pleasure... it's more like watching a train wreck. all of them make me feel icky afterward.