Select Personal Pet Peeves.

  1. This list will grow rapidly, and the order will be at random, due to me (most likely) observing more and more as the days pass, and adding them. Pet peeves don't really have a certain order/class/category... do they? Perhaps I'll go geekazoid on this list at a later date.
  2. Two people have a conversation. No, no, it doesn't rest there. Two people have a conversation, and make sure everyone within a 30 foot radius can hear them loud and clear. Most likely the case is that they think their bickering is ungodly humorous. In those cases, every case involved, (I guarantee) they're not funny. Just immensly abnoxious. If this is you and your blueprint to being liked, shut up. Just stop. Now.
  3. I go to a store and buy something that could possibly hint controversy if I were to wear it. I personally don't care. I love pink. I have about a dozen pink belts. That's just a random example. (Anyway) I go to the counter. Stupid cashier rings it up. Decides to strike conversation. Says something semi-polite such as "Hey this is a cool belt." It'd be fine if they stopped there. But no. It goes on, "Well I mean I personally wouldn't wear it but like it's cool if you do." Why in some god's name did they have to add that? Did they think it was some needed closure? Unfortunately this has happened to me MORE than once. One was the manager.
  4. I go to a public business and use my credit card. My credit card's personalized backround is that of Van Gogh's Starry Night. Stupid cashier once again. Comments on my credit card knowing NOTHING about what it is. "That's messed up. No really- that is one WIERD backround. What are you doing with a backround like this... Jeesh pick wiser next time buddy hahahahahaha."
  5. Extremely obese people I find at grocery stores that ride the stupid "special carts" and spend about twenty minutes studying a mini-donut end cap, looking for the perfect delicacy. PUKE. Disgusting and hopeless. Call me judgemental but I see it and literally result in a HORRID mood.
  6. This one is disgusting. Look if you DARE. But ONLY if you DARE.
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    So I'm cursed. I will enter a public bathroom just to take a piddle and someone will always be in the stall doing their business. Loud business. I don't know about any of you but if I were "dropping a bomb" and someone were to walk in while I'm in the movie climax, I wouldn't want them to know who I am!!! I'd sit there and wait. Call me a pussy. But every single time (I can't count the times this has happened, it's in the double digits) I enter and make a noise with my shoe or something, it's like a reflex for them to get up, open the stall, and exit. No hand wash. Who needs it. They probably didn't even wipe. Can't they at least do me the decency of staying in the stall so I don't have to find out who was the source of that retched odor??? Why does the image of a elderly straight man have to include being proud of one's own personal smells? Ew. Ew. EW. So lately I've been trying to pee as fast as I can, wash my hands and RUN out of the bathroom before they're done getting up. Last time I did that they followed me to the door. No wash of hands once more. LIFT THE CURSE ALREADY!
  7. You get no return for your greeting. Even a good ol' "Screw off!" will do. But no greeting just leaves one feeling... unfinished...
  8. "Oh, you're gay? Come here and be my counselor. Now." Take note that this phrase has never been stated to me, but I have fallen victim to several prolonged versions of it.
  9. Gay. Pride. My god. Never have I see such annoying gay people as the straight up Omg-I'm-Proud-Crowd. And before you bitch me out for being discriminate, yes, I assure you, I'm gay, yet in many ways I'm still discriminating... against the ANNOYING. You're gay? Okay. Woopie ding dong. Get over yourself. Here's a rainbow pin and a cookie.

Obesity is an alarming--and ever-growing--dilemma, that much is sure, but you do realize that not every obese person is that way because of their personal habits, yes? Even the ones who eat donuts?

I'm not extremely obese, but I am overweight, even though I eat relatively healthily and exercise daily. This is because as a child I had sleep apnea, which wrecked my metabolism, which in turn led to irritable bowel syndrome. I've recently had to have surgery on both my knees after a rather embarrassing accident (I fell off of the couch, as lame as that may sound), and had to use one of those motorized carts every time I went to the grocery store. I would hope that had I perused a mini-donut end cap, no one would have thought any worse of me for it.

I am totally with you that extremely obese people who eat too much and are unfit shouldn't indulge excessively, but even then, it's a case-by-case basis. There are many people, and I know several of 'em, who aren't fat because they just laze around on their asses all day going through a box of Donettes.

Now, I don't mean to come across as a politically correct jackass--which I probably am--because I find our squeaky clean, whitewashed P.C. world just as disconcerting as anyone else. Maybe it's because I've had this kind of stigma attached to me my entire life, and one of my pet peeves is judgmental folk, but I just felt like responding.

I do apologize for the way I come off in my list. I understand there are circumstances following alot of people's reasoning to use a motorized cart through a grocery store, and if you want a donette, "God" bless ya, for we all do once in a while.

And I don't have any deep issues revolved around obese people in general, only the people that don't care. Hygiene follows the same pathway.

My pet peeve qualification revolves around the people that spend twenty minutes looking an end cap over as if saying to themselves "What!!?? The Caramel Apple Nutmeg Nerds Coated Donut Holes aren't at this store??? What in the NAME of FRANK..." And I'm not exaggerating when I say twenty minutes. I work in the deli across the end cap.

But I won't take back the fact that I'm an extremely judgemental individual. Thus, I also apologize for causing myself to be placed on your pet peeves list, but there's no further action I can pursue to take myself off, because I won't change myself in this area. Not meant to sound rude.