Secret Santa Mix - 2008

  • Study Finds Newsprint Smudges Fingers
  • 1. Built to Spill – Goin’ Against Your Mind
  • 2. Supergrass – Mansize Rooster
  • 3. Fig Dish – Quiet Storm King
  • 4. The Faders – No Sleep Tonight
  • 5. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Baltimore
  • 6. The Soft Boys – I Got The Hots
  • 7. Mark Heard – Satellite Sky
  • 8. The Magnetic Fields – Fear of Trains
  • 9. Ween – Buenas Tardes Amigo
  • 10. Lambchop – Women Help to Create the Kind of Men They Despise
  • 11. They Might Be Giants – Ant
  • 12. The Incredible String Band – The Minotaur’s Song
  • 13. Dogbowl – Apple Mary
  • 14. The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band – Beautiful Zelda
  • 15. Sloan – Set in Motion
  • 16. The Beatles – You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)
  • 17. Adam Again – Harsh
  • 18. The Mountain Goats – This Year
  • 19. Matthew Sweet – Smog Moon
Author Comments: 

Santa’s notes:

The 2008 mix started with the concept of me putting a bunch of long songs on here as well as a bunch of short songs. I noticed that my past Secret Santa mixes have had one longer (6-minutes-plus) song at maximum, usually somewhere in the middle, so I thought it would be fun to create a mix with this structure. However, the short songs weren’t really working, so what we’re left with is a 19-song mix with four songs over 6 minutes long, and one more that is almost 6 minutes.

I went through many versions of this tracklist, and I realized that the song selection was gradually falling more and more into a similar vein: it was the sort of witty, literate, quirky, smartass nerdy white boy rock that I love so very much. At some point I figured I had better either make the mix more eclectic, or fully embrace this attitude, and I decided upon the latter.

I did include one female vocalist amidst the nerdy white boys (“No Sleep Tonight”). That was partially so 0dysseus would still like me.

I do think in spite of the common attitude, the sound is fairly diverse. It’s intended to start with some uptempo rockers and gradually slow things way down over the course of the first ten tracks, including a diversion into some earthy rock songs that sound almost like country music but not quite. Then we get back into the particularly weird and quirky section of the mix, and finally, the last three songs take us home.

By the way, I noticed pretty late that almost every song on here comes from the late sixties, the past few years, or the span of 1991-1995. It’s also certainly the first mix I’ve ever made without any songs from the 70’s on it. I don’t know why that happened, but I liked the tracklist so I accepted it.

The newspaper theme comes from the fact that my printer is messed up and prints everything in a way that looks like smudged newsprint. Like everything else about this mix, it was an accident that I just embraced.

Anyway, hope the recipients enjoy. Let me know what you think!

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