Sea Monster Movies

  1. The Abyss: Feel good holiday movie of the season! Woo! Characters that you want to die, do, in spectacular fashion, and everything works out okay for the sea monsters in the end. Only they're not really sea monsters. Kind of. Whatever. They're *purdy*. The movie's enjoyable in a family movies at the holidays kind of way, and did I mention that the sea monsters are all *purdy*? Maybe only in a way an oceanographer could love, but still. Six thumbs way up.
  2. Crocodile: Technically more of a river monster movie, this is a big ole stinker from Tobe Hooper, who should know better. Worth watching for several bizarre scenes, including a physics-defying dog, reptile bulimia, and the bit where the crocodile goes all airborn a la the General Lee in Dukes of Hazzard.
  3. Frankenfish: Finally! I give this movie 5 full fins up. Great setting, appealing lead character, voodoo swamp queen, swamp loner, and hot lesbian biologist. Rrrowr! But what really makes this movie is the fact that the fish shoot 6 feet into the air, and that the ending is upbeat, with hope for the fish to come out on top. HuhZAH!
  4. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring: Where a sea monster makes an all-too-brief but unexpected and welcome appearance.
  5. Deepstar Six: What if you threw a sea monster movie and none showed up? The sea monster is MIA for an hour and 20 minutes, after which the movie is watchable. Also, I was unaware that there's some type of undersea regulation that all women serving with sea monsters wear white shirts at all times, just in case they fall in the water.
  6. Peter Benchley's Beast: Watchable, but only once. Most of the suspense comes from not knowing whether the CGI-giant-squid or William Petersen will chew through the scenery first.
  7. Peter Benchley's Creature: Surprisingly decent and cheezy by turns, it's equal parts renegade shark-thing and Navy conspiracy flick, all set to a funky island beat. Watchable.
  8. Chupacabra: Dark Seas. Chupa-riffic, but really kind of a killer-goat-on-cruise-ship movie.
  9. Orca: "There has never been a substantiated case of an orca killing a man, despite the 1977 movie Orca, in which a killer whale seeks revenge on Richard Harris by eating all his costars. The movie was so silly, unscientific and unbelievable that one critic suggested Harris fight a duel to the death with his agent for getting him the role." -- Tim Cahill, "Kayaking Among the Ice Children"
  10. Godzilla vs the Sea Monster. Thanks AMC Monsterfest!
  11. Deep Rising: Oh what's not to love? The snappy dialogue, the plucky boat music, and the unbridled gore. Awesome.
  12. Ghost Ship: Less lip, more monsters. Totally qualifies.
  13. Deep Blue Sea: LL Cool J as a religious cook versus super-intelligent sharks? Oscar gold.
  14. Lake Placid: Sea water, fresh water, still a great big aquatic fiend. "I'm rooting for the crocodile. I hope he swallows your friends whole."
  15. Piranha: Does anyone else remember this movie? It was wrong on so many levels. People, those bad fish ate a summer camp. That's hardcore.
  16. Piranha Two: The Spawning: A movie so bad, I forgot I'd actually seen it until now.
  17. Titanic: Is there anything scarier than Kate Winslet's hat? No. No, there is not.
  18. Lost Voyage: The terror is unleashed: Judd Nelson returns to the screen.
  19. The Jaws series. The first one was awesome, especially when remade in 30 seconds with bunnies. (Seen: Jaws, Jaws 2, Jaws: The Revenge)
  20. Shark Attack (and 2, and 3 ("Megalodon!")): Aka The Movie That Ate Casper Van Diem's "Career". So bad, even for sea monster movies.
  21. Haunted Sea: This sounds fantastic. Why doesn't Netflix carry it?
  22. Alligator: "A gigantic alligator with a voracious appetite terrorizes the unsuspecting (and delicious!) population of Chicago in this tongue-in-cheek thriller directed by killer-animal specialist Lewis Teague (Cat's Eye, Cujo)."
  23. Alligator 2: The Mutation: Which gets a separate listing simply for deciding to take itself seriously.
  24. Shark Hunter: The SciFi channel are just good people.
  25. Deep Shock: Did I miss the announcement that September is Sea Monster Month?
  26. Dark Waters: "After an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico is infiltrated by bloodthirsty, bioengineered sharks, a team of underwater specialists is called into action to investigate the situation and destroy the beasts. This biting thriller stars Lorenzo Lamas (TV's Renegade) and beautiful Simmone Jade MacKinnon".
  27. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: I don't believe any comment is necessary.
  28. Snakehead Terror: Boo yah! Fish! And snakes! In water!
  29. Dagon: Oh SciFi Channel, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. One, filming Lovecraft stories. Two, filming them with a maximum amount of cheese. Three, making them dark and mysterious, if not completely unscary.
  30. The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (via Odysseus)
  31. It came from Beneath the Sea (via Odysseus)
  32. Mysterious Island (via Odysseus)
  33. The Deep (via its twin water-logged crushers. Heh.)
  34. Spring Break Shark Attack (via JohnnyW)
  35. Free Willy, Free Willy 2, Free Willy 3: Return of the Whale-i, etc etc: (via 1922). Ranked right up there with Where the Red Fern Grows for excessive weepiness. But still, in the interests of accuracy...
  36. Leviathan
Author Comments: 

It's a thing, I have, with movies. And monsters who live in water. Just go with it.

So... do you inexplicably love every movie with a giant sea monster in it?

Did you like Phantom Menace?

Yes and no. Inexplicable love of sea monster movies, yes, seen Phantom Menace, nope. Although I don't love them all indiscriminately. Snakehead Terror for instance, blows, but the overall concept is still, for me, intriguing.

wow! what a sea monster list. but there's some that is worth mentioning and watching.
1. humanoids from the deep
2. tenacles
3. Slithis
4. The Lost Continent
5. sea creature (just released on scifi tv.)
6. the beast from 20,000 phantoms

Two words: DAGON... - well, two syllables.

Have you read The Kraken Wakes by John Wyndham?

And have you seen the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Go Fish"?

Ooh! Thank you, I had totally forgotten about Dagon. The therapy must be working.

I have not read the Wyndham book or seen "Go Fish". I've seen an excellent movie called "Go Fish", but it is not about sea monsters. Do you recommend the book and the episode, or are you bringing them up in the interests of continuing the theme?

Ummm...bit of both. Worth reading/seeing.

Are you familiar with this poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson?

Not until now, but I can see I'm going to have to add new strata to this list. How about: Movies, Notable TV Appearances and Songs?

(Poems would go in the song category).

The other odd thing is that I named my new kayak Kraken. Or maybe it's not so odd if you read the title of this list.

I've just re-read that poem myself, and I've noticed that whoever posted it there got a word wrong. The phrase "Battering upon giant sea worms..." should read "Battening...etc." The word 'battening' means feeding. Tsk! Tsk! Such carelessness.

"Battening" means feeding? So how does it work in the phrase "batten down the hatches"? Or is that a separate verb, "batten down"?

Two words spelt the same. Batten, verb, to become fat from plentiful feeding. Batten, noun, a thin strip of wood used in securing hatches and sails on boats.

Awesome, I learned something new today. See, even discussions about sea monster movies rule.

no, but i did see the singing episode, about the singing demon that makes people sing then dies. great episode. been looking for that episode ever since.

But Piranha Part Two:The Spawning gave us Jim Cameron!

The immortal Ray Harryhausen did several movies/monsters: The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms , It came from Beneath the Sea and Mysterious Island .

But I'd like to mention The Deep with it's twin water-logged head-crushers. No, not Jacqueline Bisset's breasts, I'm talking about blatant racism and a big butt moray eel. Poor Louis Gossett, Jr.

Poor us.

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome (although racism = not awesome).

Big butt moray eels? Now that's what I'm talking about.

Did anyone see the perfectly cheesy Spring Break Shark Attack a few weeks ago on CBS? So predictable it was beautiful, yet cathartic when everyone stupid or mean got eaten. Plus, an opportunity to show off all the spring break hotties in between ghastly shark feedings...

Orca is simply profound. When Orca fixes Harris in his eye to remember him, I got chills...

Johnny Waco

I can't say I had the pleasure, although I really enjoyed the TWOP recap of it. In fact, I'm guessing the recap's better than the actual movie.

Orca! I remember loving that movie. Then again, I was oh-so-young. I was just chatting with another Listologist last night, and we noted how reluctant we are to recommend movies from our youth that we haven't vetted recently (I dread how bad Enemy Mine might be, for example).

National Geographic had a great article (do they have any other kind?) on Orcas last month. Their description of the "whale's" brainpower lines up with my vague recollection from the movie.

Oh yeah, I had put a quote up!

Orca scares me. It scares me in the same way as Sounder and Old Yeller. Blame the fact that I had to watch Where the Red Fern Grows in 4th grade. And now I have this horrible habit of rooting for the sea monster.

The Fellowship of the Ring: Before entering the mines of Moria, Gandalf and company are attacked by a big monster. I think it also lives in the water.

P.S.: Ever heard of 'Free Willy'? :-)

So true, so! true! (tm The Pirate Movie)(but that's another list).

Thanks for the suggestions, I can't think what made me block Free Willy entirely out of my mind. :D

What about MOBY DICK? I think it counts as a Sea Monster Movie. Especially if you are counting ORCA and FREE WILLIE . . . (It's not a bad Sea Monster Book either).

Therein lies the rub. Me, I think that Moby Dick is THE SEA MONSTER BOOK. The original. The gospel. The spark that ignited the big fire (which should probably be a list of its own). And being that I have such regard for this book, I remain unconvinced that I could watch the movie without wanting to throw copies of the book at the screen.

The first book that came out was Edgar Allan poe's only novel about Arthur Primm which has a great big white blob in the water. It was a sea tale just like Moby Dick.

Now, here are some movies I noticed that is missing.

Octopus and Octopus 2. The first movie was a bombed, but the second movie was most better because you actually see the giant octopus attacking. I do not recommend the first one.

Tenticles is another one with Shelly Winters in it.

There are so many versions of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. The Paul Gross one on CBS and then being shown on the Sci-Fi channel have a seamonster attacking the sub. The Disney version also have a squid attack as well.

Voyage To The Bottom of the Sea movie had a giant squid, plus the television show has so many seamonsters from whales, giant jellyfishes, naudibranchs, seaspiders and so forth.

New movie coming soon is called Meg based on Steve Alten's Meg Book.

Beowulf and Grendel has a giant sea monster. Grendel is the monster.

That is quite a list. Thanks! I'll have to see how much of it is netflixable.

I started watching Octopus, and got about an hour in (I was knitting the whole time, so that I didn't accidentally die of boredom) but turned it off when it became clear that there wasn't actually any Octopus. I should take a crack at Octopus 2.

I've also added The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket to my to-read list.

Thanks again!

Just to clarify, this last comment was actually left by cmonster. Jentle's computer just got overly helpful.

Hi, Grendel is on the Sci-Fi Channel which is preimering the 13th of this month. I do not think that would be Netflixable yet.

Forget Grendel. I was disappointed that they did not follow the epic poem about Grendel and his Mother as living under a lake in a cavern.

Your prayers have finally been answered! The maker of Boa vs Python brings you a giant crocodile, Bo Duke, Frau Bl├╝cher... and even more giant crocodiles.

Get ready for Lake Placid 2!

"You'll never know what bit you!"
(And where there's a "2," can "3" be far behind?)

Four things. 1) You listed PIRAHNA TWO twice. 2) DAGON was not a Sci-Fi Channel actually played in limited release before going to video. 3) Weren't there sea monsters in WATERWORLD? 4) How could you forget LEVIATHAN????

1. My bad. The original Piranha, on the other hand, was worth listing twice. The sequel, less so.
2. Good catch (hee! See what I did there?)
3. Haven't seen it. I'll add it to the to-watch list and report back.
4. Never heard of it. Now added.

Catch! Ha!

I think you'll enjoy LEVIATHAN. It's a total guilty pleasure. Imagine ALIEN meets THE THING meets THE ABYSS...only not as good as any of those. Just watch'll be hooked. Get it? Hooked! *sigh*

I am looking for the name of a movie I watched with my father in the 70's that had a sea monster. It was in color. I think the underwater labortory was a "T" formation and the people would leave and comeback through a circular opening. The sea monster was the size of a man. kinda like a 70's modern creature from black lagoon.

Don't forget "The Intruder Within" - one of the first lets-rip-off-alien-but-make-it-underwater movies, from 1981.

Were are all these movies?

These are worth including:

1. Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus
2. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
3. Razortooth
4. Lake Placid

and how is free willy a sea monster movie?

May I respectfully suggest "Mega Piranha." It is so bad, so good, it stands alone. Where else can you see a giant piranha bring down a helicopter!