Scrubs: My Top 25 Episodes + Season Ranking

  2. My Old Friend's New Friend (4)
  3. My Old Lady (1)
  4. My Case Study (2)
  5. My Cake (4)
  6. My Philosophy (2)
  7. My Screwup (3)
  8. My Last Chance (4)
  9. My Nickname (1)
  10. My Ocardial Infarction (4)
  11. My First Day (pilot) (1)
  12. His Story (2)
  13. My New Coat (2)
  14. My Own Private Practice Guy (2)
  15. My Best Moment (4)
  16. My Lucky Charm (4)
  17. My Bed Banter And Beyond (1)
  18. My Unicorn (4)
  19. My Drama Queen (2)
  20. My Big Mouth (2)
  21. My Adice To You (3)
  22. My New Old Friend (2)
  23. My Fifteen Minutes (1)
  24. My Super Ego (1)
  25. My Journey (3)
  26. My Porcelian God (3)
Author Comments: 

The Number Beside the title is the season it is from

Season Ranking: COMMING SOON!

please understand that i think every episode of scrubs is outstanding and cutting it to 25 was very difficult, but i'm happy with the choices, please comment if you want.

Yay, I've seen 'My Journey' and thought it was excellent. There are 23 better? I must catch up.. :)

cool! "My Journey" Is a great episode, the Brady wedding scene was priceless:


vicor: Do you john Dorrian Take Marsha Brady to be your wife?
Marsh My Name is marie Mcormic
JD (Interupting) Marsha Please...Father Continue

I really recommend you catch some more, it takes time to get into but once you've found something you like about it or a character you like then you'll love it! As for the other episodes, they are all outstanding. what scrubs does so well is mix drama and comedy. Channel 4 will be playing season 3 this friday, Paramount are playing season 1 and E4 are doing the latest series, series 4. lol so as you can tell i'm pretty happy about the current state of tv! Some episodes that are worth checking out if you can for the drama side are: My Old Lady (S1), My Screwp (S3) and My Cake (S4). one of the best things about it is the way it uses the fantasy scenes to get jokes and more importantly the narration. you'll hear narration from JD's head that comments on the scene to get a joke. one example of this is when JD made a comment about the music Scrubs uses for a sad scene on the show. Dr.cox said that he wasn't going to help JD anymore and JD said:

"look how about the old times sake you help me, you tell me what to do, you save the patient and then the music plays, in my head it sounds like this, ddaa da da duh dda da du da
(then cox walks away)
(Cue The Music!)
JD:....du da da

the way it made fun of its own format is like no other i had seen on tv. so yes, if you get a chance check some more out, i recommend it :-)

Thanks for all the info! You're right, it's a great show.. I'm considering getting the S1 set, seeing as I've liked what I've seen so much. Those quotes you posted are great.

Yeah the DVD is great. you have a clear cover, then a card foldout that looks like a clipboard with get this.. a collectable, detachable xray! it's great and is collectable as it has a season number at the top, so its like "gota' Catch 'em all" ! also the UK release will not have this, so it might be best to get it from USA but just thought i'd tell you about it. lol but please don't think you have to watch it at all, i just promote scrubs any chance i get.

-PS: is Frasier Season 5 out june or july, some sites say june, some july

Sounds good to me, I might try DVDConcept with it then - have you tried them yet?

Frasier S5 is out on June 7, though PlayUSA already have it in (I should know, mine was posted about ten minutes ago! :D)

Well, i've ordered movies before from dvdconcept in the past, about 6, 2 over £20. but only over the phone, yet to use the interent to order it. but as for as i know they were fine, the orders came within 4/5 days in great condition but i'll probably order again (frasier), hold fire for abit and i'll let you know how that goes. But i mean it may be best for now to stay with Playusa, i ordered scrubs from there, although it took 10 days, i do trust playusa, so it may be best ot stick with them for now. Also with you want to watch scrubs but not commit to buying dvd, its on tv alot, including tonight at 9 on E4.

good news about frasier, Thankyou! yay thats even sooner than i expected!