A Sampling of My Favorite Listology Movie Lists


Fabulous list, Jim, I love it! Can we look forward to your "Favorite Listology Book/Music Lists" ?

Suggestion: if you don't want to put the items in order of preference, you should put them in alphabetical order - yes, I think that would work nicely.

Of course, I meant alphabetical order of the names of the contributors.

Done! But would you feel the same way if you went by "Zertie"? ;-)

Reverse alphabetical order would be the order of the day, then. Oops! you forgot to change your "Author Comments".

Thanks! And yeah, when I get a chance I will be doing favorite book and music lists as well.

Ooh... I'm honored! I think I'm going to have to get off my duff and see some more movies! 8^)

Hmmmmm...I wonder what I can do to make Jim's favorites list? Time to get creative. :-)

I dont see any of mine on here. I dont have any real "groundbreaking" lists though.

don't worry 'bout it too much, I didn't make the cut either. I need to make something revolutionary I suppose.
;) (hmm, using the same smiley face in one night, I need sleep)

:-) I stopped maintaining this list at least a year ago, and I archived it as soon as I implemented the "archive" feature. So I think they only way you can get to it is via search results (is that how you found it jblack?). What I really need to do is add a notice to archived lists so folks know their owners aren't really actively maintaining them anymore.

If I were maintaining this list, you two would both certainly be on it.