Rushmore's Current Joys (Completely Updated)


Summer Fruits + Lemonade! I thought I was the only one who did that! Woo!

:) its great,its really refreshing!

Did you hear about the rumored remake of AKIRA, with Pitof as the director? I'm filled with fear just thinking about it since I would rather put on my contact lenses with vinegar than see CATWOMAN.

i heard they might be making one. they said it might be a live action noe, that would be pretty bad.

but yes you are right Pitof would be a bad move.

Are you a fan of the 1988 Akira then?

Yes, it's one of my favorite anime movie and I love it with the fire of a thousand glowing Tetsuo. It's also on my DVD wish list. But everytime I think I'll pick it up, I end up hesitating between the two editions and put them back on the shelve. What's wrong with me?

lol i had the same problem!!

There was about 3. there was the special edition,a boxset with 2 versions in and then a single one but with a slipcase!! lol so many,so little time and money!

I like those little yellow bubbles myself:)

Have you ever been to South Africa? That is a country I would like to see someday.

Johnny Waco

lol and by posting this you fuelled by joy yellow bubble wise :)

No, i've never been to south africa myself. but i plan to when i'm older, save up some money and go to see my friend. there are many other countries i wish to go to maybe one day, Australia, USA, canada and many others. along with SA, the ones i mentioned are my most wanted. i would love going to USA, many to see the sites and well...the shops!!

Anywhere you would like to go or maybe a place you've been that was nice?

Unfortunately, so far I've been only to several parts of the U.S. and to Canada (I like to blame this on having been a poor student all these years).

Three regions that for whatever reasons I would love to go to would be Eastern Europe, SE Asia, and Australia/NZ. For Eastern Europe, I think especially the former Yugoslav countries, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Poland, etc., and in SE Asia, mainly Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. From there, I can hit the rest of the world. ;)

And oh yeah, since I'm writing my dissertation partly on British travel writing, I should probably put the UK down as well!

Johnny Waco

interesting, so this dissertation, is it about travel in general? history of travel? british travel? travel termonolgy?

It's about nineteenth-century travel writers in the Pacific (Australia, NZ, and Hawaii mainly), and how they wrote about natives, disease, and the environment. On the British side, I'm focusing on Robert Louis Stevenson and Anthony Trollope, and on the American, Herman Melville and Jack London.

Johnny Waco

Nice work, Best of luck, hope it goes well

Regarding Lost: Testify, brother! I caught the first 2 episodes last night. Or rather, I caught the first 10 minutes of the first episode, then had to run off to the pharmacy to close up shop, then run back to catch the last of it. How gutted was I that I volunteered to close up yesterday, of all stupid days?

lol Damn those responsibilities getting in the way of TV! yeah lost was brilliant. i loved the way all characters got great screen time and they all seem very layered. Can't wait to see how it pans out.

Media, huh? As in a "Media/Communications" class? Because, take it from me, if you include at least one reference to McLuhan in there: instant "A." Trust a teacher. ;-)

Thanks for the tip! funny, i should of already heard that name i guess.. ;)

Remember "Annie Hall" where Woody just pulls McLuhan out like a rabbit out of a hat? That was neat.

(If you haven't seen "Annie Hall," go for it.)

yeah seen Annie hall lol. My top choice for topic at the moment is representation of Women in The Sopranos or taking a 70s and 00s movie and comparing the differences in issues such as institution and the way the social aspect of that time, affected what the movie was like or what could be said or shown.

Rushmore, have you ever listed to internet radio station Radio Paradise?

can't say i have, any good ?

Very good! Well, at least, I like it. :-)

I know this is said about many radio stations but they really do play the most electic mix of music I've heard on any radio station, internet or otherwise.

yeah i've had a listen had it on for 1 hour and half, its very good, thankyou for pointing it out ot me