ROCKSTARS i'd like to meet...

  • -- Polly Jean Harvey
  • -- Bjork
  • -- Robert Smith and the rest of the Cure
  • -- Sinead O'Connor (although i would have preferred to meet her a few years ago before she became an ordained priest for some sect...)
  • -- Garbage
  • -- Liz Phair
  • -- The Cocteau Twins
  • -- Nina Simone (not really a rockstar...whatever)
Author Comments: 

still working on this list...

i don't know this for sure, but i think sinead is pretty much over that priest thing... all i've been hearing about lately is the new album "Faith & Courage" and a bit about her custody battle, although that's coming up less and less. she's definitely mellowed out over the years, but i have a feeling she'll be coming back strong!

cool! thanks for the update...she's definitely leading an interesting's the new album? the only ones i have are "i do not want what i haven't got" and "the lion and the cobra." i think i would have preferred to meet her during that period...but i'm sure i would jump at the chance to meet her anyway!

I thought Universal Mother was an excellent album, if you get a chance to check it out.

k, so have we heard the latest on sinead? according to this article she came out of the closet recently. now, i'm not sure if this puts a damper on priesthood or not...

I actually think she even more recently went back in the closet, or decided she wasn't gay. I vaguely remember seeing something on E! where she was saying that she had had only 2 lesbian relationships, one in college, and the one she was in while she was interviewed for the article you spoke of. After she broke up with this woman, she said that she really said that she was a lebian because she didn't want to hurt the feelings of the woman she ws with at the time. Pretty strange?!

PJ Harvey, Bjork and Nina Simone would definately be on my list.