Road Trip, Day 1: Auburn, AL to Little Rock, AR

  • Londonbeat/In the Blood
  • Charles and Eddie/Duophonic
  • Liz Phair/Exile in Guyville
  • PJ Harvey/To Bring You My Love
  • REM/Murmur
  • The Pixies/Doolittle
  • New Radicals/Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too
  • The Sundays/Static and Silence
  • Air/Moon Safari
Author Comments: 

Over Spring Break, I drove with my friend Martin from Auburn, AL (where I go to school) to Missoula, MT (where he goes to school). We resolved not to listen to any CD more than once during the four-day trip, and we actually managed it. I thought you guys might like to see what we listened to. Some of these are his albums and some are mine, so if you ask for details on one, I may not be able to say much. However, an even better question is, what have you listened to on recent trips?