R.E.M.'s Great Songs

  • 1. fall on me
  • 2. popsong 89'
  • 3. nightswimming
  • 4. radio free europe
  • 5. whats the frequency kenneth?
  • 6. talk about the passion
  • 7. shiny happy people
  • 8. stand
  • 9. orange crush
  • 10. man on the moon
  • 11. near wild heaven
  • 12. crushed with eyeliner
  • 13. get up

OK jeffie....Talk About the Passion.....Don't Go Back To Rockville..and Losing my Religion, despite the airplay. This is one time that a record co. exec made the right choice

great songs..they just didnt cut the mustard for me.

Strange Currencies, perhaps? Particularly because of "Y'now with love comes strange currencies, and here is my appeal / I need a chance, a second chance, a third chance..."

I like that song..This was a hard list to make 'cuz I'm such a big fan of Rapid Eye Movement.

as am I...its a good list

Glad to see Stand, Orange Crush, and Radio Free Europe on here, they are some of my absolute favorite songs.

Thanks Sebreg. Me too. I love Green. Its one of my favorites by R.E.M.