Reminds me of Lee...

  1. All-nighters at Denny's
  2. Sitting for hours in Dr. Bob's office
  3. Tres Hermanos & Pollo Loco
  4. Amaretto Sours
  5. Penis pinatas and Pin the Macho On the Man
  6. Dr. Mario anyone?
  7. RENT, at the top of our lungs, driving way too fast
  8. Marriot was the center of life
  9. Spring Break with the girls
  10. Naptime with Josh
  11. That damned cat
  12. Christmas lights burn out after 6 continuous months of use
  13. How many times was the oven set on fire?
  14. Losing at Candy Land
  15. You Wanna Buy a Duck?
  16. I'm Going on a Picnic...
  17. I'm Going on a Liquor Store Run...
  18. I'm Going to the Convenience Store...
  19. Blue Powerade
  20. Taco Bell only hires morons
  21. "I'd like a cheeseburger w/ no meat & extra pickles"
  22. McKays = Heaven
  23. Walmart is an indispensable part of life
  24. Emotional rollercoaster
  25. Blue Hole Days
  26. Those "HUMP" signs that BEG to be stolen
  27. The American flag that came from somewhere it shouldnt have
  28. Sitting in on Dr. Bob's Recent America classes to hear our favorite stories year after year
  29. Two-Gun Salutes
  30. Listening to Becca quote entire portions of Princess Bride
  31. Skipping class to shoot photos
  32. Sleeping in after finals, knowing you have no more classes
  33. Fighing with Siphra for the TV lounge
  34. Stace nearly flat-out fighting Siphra in the TV lounge
  35. Sneaking in & out of Medlin
  36. Zach setting off fireworks under a bridge
  37. Marlaina shooting herself in the stomach with a Roman Candle
  38. Josh getting pantsed in his kitchen
  39. Finding furry pinto beans on Zach's table after he'd been in CO for 3 weeks
  40. Playing Mafia
  41. The Pizza Joke (*shudders*)
  42. Chips & cheese
  43. Darts & karaoke at the grill
  44. Hysterical Laughter
  45. Hysterical Tears
  46. Deer Park
  47. The haunted furnace room
  48. "God lives on Trunk Street"
  49. Quote boards
  50. Playing frisbee with Steven out our dorm window with Marriot plates
  51. Driving to Fuller's house in the back of John Mills's truck singing... something or other at the top of our lungs
  52. Watching Midsummer NIghts Dream like 12 times
  53. "Men are like parking spaces. The good ones are either taken or handicapped"... "I dont get it."... "Rich, thats because you're a handicapped one".
  54. Goforth Creek
  55. Spending 3 months on crutches (If I hear one Peter Pan joke, so help me...)
  56. "Stacey... where is your FLESH???"
  57. Watching Boondock Saints for the 1st time
  58. Zach's beginning/end of the year parties
  59. That "Third Shift" concoction
  60. Evil school-assigned roommates
  61. Playing SuperMario 3 until we're crosseyed
  62. *BIG dramatic sigh* "uuuugghh... my pillow is hot"
  63. Roger & Hammerstein's Cinderella
  64. Charlie Brown's giant green couch piled with friends
  65. "Robert needs help screwing!"
  66. The Walking Bridge
  67. Ordering caramel & cherries
  68. T.G.I. Friday's
  69. Drawing cartoons in the margins of class notes
  70. All-Straight Jay writing "POOP" on every single page of notes from Ren/Ref
  71. Seperating M&Ms in Dr. B's class
  72. Finishing papers within the hour of the class its due in
  73. "So its like this..."
  74. Torpedo Boob!
  75. The Discussion Paddle
  76. Heartbreaks
  77. Long walks at night
  78. Taking a shopping cart from Walgreends b/c it said not to
  79. Carrying said shopping cart up 3 flights of stairs to put it under my bed
  80. F.O.D.
  81. Plots of world domination
  82. Piling ALL our lunchtrays into one giant mountain
  83. Mr. McClung & his coffee mug
  84. Spontaneous movie nights
  85. Watching Blazing Saddles with the guys
  86. "Word to your llama!"
  87. Big hugs from friends when you need them most
  88. Fighting that seems completely stupid now
  89. The cockatoo that would only say "White Power"
  90. Green Apple slushes from Sonic
  91. Making Christmas ornaments together
  92. "Once More With Feeling"
  93. The mystery of meeting Cara for the first time
  94. Chicken finger night before chapel
  95. Chapel probation
  96. Cheating the chapel card-scanning system
  97. That first love
  98. Chilhowie
  99. Toga party @ Britt's
  100. Running from the state patrol b/c we shot off fireworks in the Cherokee National Forest
  101. Where we were when the Twin Towers fell
  102. Burn the Witch
  103. Work Dammit, Vegas, Bruce, Angel, & Lois
  104. Driving to Cincinatti with a Beta fish in a mason jar between my legs so he didnt freeze
  105. Running around Walmart with said fish in the child seat of a shopping cart so WE didnt freeze
  106. Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Harry Potter
  107. Josh getting gangraped in our floor
  108. Sitting in the kitched floor passing a bottle with the Jasons at our Haloween party
  109. Tim dousing marshmellows w/ lighter fluid & setting it on fire
  110. Stacey playing slow pitch softball with a glass jar
  111. Kappa Formal
  112. Long, wandering drives w/ Zach for no reason
  113. Zach's scary driving
  114. Trips to the dollar theatre
  115. Crazy Sorayah humping Dr. Conn's Lexus
  116. Playing in the rain
  117. The Scary Maus-co-lee-sium
  118. 101 of the biggest mistakes I ever made
  119. Charley's Aunt
  120. The Replacements
  121. Convocation/Condemnation/Constipation
  122. Goth costumes worn on Lee Day
  123. Hiding in the darkroom for hours
  124. The Week That A Lot of Random People Came Out of the Closet To Us
  125. Ramen noodles, microwave popcorn, & 98-cent frozen pizza
  126. Becca's coke habit
  127. Playing Grouch on our living room floor
  128. Jason playing "Toss the Midget" & "Lets Rob Amanda of Dignity By Making Her Dance"
  130. Jenn carrying her rediculously heavy backpack as penance for having fun instead of studying
  131. Bad Joke Dan snorting pixie sticks, sugar, & salt in the cafeteria
  132. "Blow Job" shots off our living room floor
  133. Midori
  134. Signing Zach's coffee table
  135. The night Daniel cooked fried chicken
  136. "Welcome to Zachs! Now lower your standards!"
  137. My first tattoo
  138. "Amanda, look at your eyes!!! No... wait... Look at MY eyes!!!"
  139. The Jasons standing on bar stools in Zach's kitchen threatening each other with knives