recent annoyances: rant space!

  • driving the DC-baltimore beltway twice a day for two weeks
  • waking up to find the water mains are being flushed
  • realizing in spring that you have bees living in your walls
  • alternate parking tickets = $20 wasted bucks
  • not having medical insurance & not living in canada
  • sinus infections that turn into ear infections
  • airlines that charge $5 for headphones to watch the in-flight movie
  • finding bugs in an unopened bag of flour *ish!*
  • navel piercing infections
  • unresponsive landlords
  • DSL/cable modem: unavailable
  • error: application unresponsive
  • static electricity
  • monthlong root canal processes
  • people on airplanes who don't share armrests
  • "whole nother..."
  • "had boughten"
  • asthma/allergies
  • call waiting
  • 90+ degree weather w/ no AC
  • road construction
  • candy/chips getting stuck in the vending machine
  • running out of deodorant
  • people who bathe in stanky perfume/cologne
  • cube dwellers who sing/hum while listening to music others can't hear
  • the phrase "get over it!"
  • how fast french fries go cold
Author Comments: 

these are things i just had to get off my chest recently and thought--what better place than with people who could commiserate?

well this list obviously has growth potential, so if you feel the need. and rant all you like!

neighboring cube dwellers who like to drum on their desk surface not realizing that it makes your jump up and down too

very good addition! keep it goin...

From your list I particularly second the DSL/Cable thing. I'd also like to add cold butter and shin splints.

Ear infections are quite easy to cure - and very quick - with a hair dryer.

The infection is bacteria in the ear, often caused by moisture getting deep inside the ear where the lack of airflow prevents the moisture drying out, or sometimes a small amount of wax might reduce the airflow. Bacteria thrive and breed in such a warm and wet environment. The ear and nose are also connected of course.

The hair dryer will concentrate and direct warm air into the infected area, helping to dry out the ear, and without moisture the bacteria begin to die off in seconds. The reduction in pain can be felt in just a few minutes. The cure is often hampered by the ear being inflamed and the air flow from the hair dryer being restricted. Nevertheless, a few minutes with the hair dryer can overcome the worst of the pain/infection. Then rest for a few hours and try again with renewed enthusiasm, by which time the swelling can have reduced still further.

Boredom or excessive heat are sometimes factors that will slow down the cure. The first attempt might only reduce the moisture by 25%, but the pain is also reduced by 25% which will make it bearable again. The second attempt a few hours later will reduce the moisture and bacteria and swelling and pain still further, untill the third or fourth attempt when the moisture is so reduced that natural drying will suffice for any remaining moisture/bacteria.

Alternatively you can spend an hour or two visiting the doctor who will give you some iffy medicine that will then take three or four days to even start working, three or four days of pain.

I have suffered from ear infections all my life, and the pain is very intense, like a toothache, and this cure always works - quickly.

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- -

this is good news to me! last time, the infection was exacerbated by an airplane flight (painful) and by the time i went to the doctor my eardrum had ruptured... i didn't get my hearing back for almost a month--not fun!

i'll have to keep this home remedy in mind for next time!