Read in 2007

  1. Richard Preston- The Cobra Event (reread) [Fiction]
  2. David Irving- Hitler's War (no, I'm not a racist or a fascist because I'm reading a book by David Irving) [Fact]
  3. Lisa Hark & Darwin Deen- Nutrition For Life [Fact]
  4. Jeffery Deaver- The Twelfth Card [Fiction]
  5. Mark Arnold Foster- The World At War [Fact]
  6. Michael Critchton- Prey [Fiction]
  7. J.K.Rowling- Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows [Fiction]
  8. Ben Elton- This Other Eden [Fiction]
  9. Ben Elton- Chart Throb [Fiction]
  10. Carl Hiasen- Skin Tight [Fiction]
  11. Ken Follett- Whiteout [Fiction]
  12. Ray Young- Bridge For People Who Don't Know One Card From Another (reread) [Fact]
  13. Michael Dobbs- Whispers Of Betrayal [Fiction]
  14. George Orwell - Nineteen Eighty Four [Fiction]
  15. Martin Wolf - Why Globalisation Works [Fact]

well read on Prey and Cobra Event. Both extremely good reads, also Hitler's war IS a good book. Facist or not.

Hmm its not out right Facist but you do get the feeling that Irving sympathises with Hitler often citing others as the reasons for mistakes made during the war when other sources would claim the opposite.

Is there a middle section? Fact & Fiction are very black and white in their comparative descriptions, a philosophical, economical or political book may give an opinion that isn't fiction but can't said to be fact for instance.

Hence why i scrapped the idea for the 2008 books