Rating the Films: M. Night Shyamalan

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Shyamalan has cornered the market on supernatural thriller genre, with a strong narrative style (he writes his own material), and an almost comic book universe. He's treading water these days, and really needs to direct someone else's written work. Here’s how his films rate.

I've rated the films from a zero (horrible!) to four (wonderful!) star scale, with the links going to my reviews. As usual, I've only included films I've seen.

hhmm quite low even for the winning score

what do you think of his new movie THE VILLAGE?
from what ive heard sounds cool

my ratings for mister Shyamalan's movies are crap, crap, crap and crap... did I point out I didn't like his movies at all ? Of course a knowledge of cinema storytelling techniques didn't help for the 6th sense because the fade to black right after the accident obviously implied that a death had occured and it was crystal-clear from there whose death it was... the problem is that M. Night's features are filled with clichés both in direction and screenplay... and yes, The Village is his most ludicrous attempt at appearing fresh and inventive yet, I can't wait to see what depths his career will bring him to...
As always, you are invited to disagree with me as I know I am strongly opinionated about this director.

I know a lot of people who feel the same way. I've mentioned before that he needs to either let someone else direct his next one, or direct someone else's material pretty soon here, just to change direction a bit.
The big knocks on him are a label for a gimmick in his screenplays, and the rap for being a little slow (or sleep-inducing if you don't like him).
Personally, I like that he takes a chance on a premise and runs it out to a logical conclusion. Example: In The Village, he fully explores the concept of a town of "innocents", but he hits all of the problems that would be inherent there; a basis in fear and secrets, how the next generation would be inquisitive, the ultimate introduction of crime, etc. He runs it out in an intruguing way, without being preachy
He's got other strengths: great visual shots; he takes a great deal of care with shot composition. He also has a knack for good dialogue; both the cadence and preciseness of The Village dialogue is great.
In sum, I think he's definitely a love or hate director; you're either into what he's trying to accomplish, or he's a second-rate hack. Not too much room in the middle.