Rare 80's songs...This time, I really have never heard of most of them. lol

  1. New Thing from London Town- Sharpe & Numan
  2. Eldorado- Drum Theatre
  3. Me & Mr. Sanchez- Blue Rondo A La Turk
  4. I hear Voices- Ghost of an American Airman
  5. Christian Says- Tones on Tail
  6. Qu'Est-Ce Que C'est- Splash
  7. Dumb Waiters- The Korgis
  8. Quiet Men- Ultravox
  9. Whose Problem?- The Motels
  10. Strangers in the Night- Peter Baumann
  11. Angels & Lovers- Howard Jones
  12. Number Five- Bill Pritchard
  13. Hollywood Dream- H2O
  14. When the Rain comes Down- Ice Cold in Alice
  15. Raining all over the World- The Adventures
  16. The Last Emotion- Medicine Wheel
  17. Angel Visit- The Thrashing Doves
  18. Reprobate's Hymn- The Thrashing Doves
  19. Love is the Groove- Betsy Cook
  20. Christine- Fatal Charm
  21. A Letter from Afar- B Movie
  22. Only the Night- Space Monkey
  23. The Face of Dorian Gray- Robert Marlow
  24. Torn Open- Sophie & Peter Johnston
  25. Young Hearts of Europe- U Bahn X
  26. Dark Hill- Hinterland
  27. Burn for You- Vitamin Z
  28. Nothing is Forever- Cast of Thousands
  29. My Face- Henry Badowski
  30. Turn to Gold- David Austin
  31. Turn to Gold (Instrumental)- David Austin
  32. Uncertain Smile- The The
  33. THree Orange Kisses from Kazan- The The
  34. I close my Eyes and COunt to Ten- The Lover Speaks
  35. Nowhere Girl- B Movie
  36. (The World Don't need) Another Lover- Giant Steps