Random Thoughts Regarding Listology

  • Wouldn't it be funny (or maybe not) if one of the frequent contributors to Listology is actually someone famous or well-known? I mean, how do we know that behind that screen name isn't someone like Nick Hornby, or hell, even Colin Farrell?
  • Wouldn't it also be funny if one or several of our frequent contributors to Listology eventually became famous? But then, how would we know. When I become famous, and if I were to be confronted with the name SlipKid71, I would angrily deny any knowledge of that name and decry the Internet for being such a wasteland of false information and recklessness.
  • Is it a hopeless pipe dream for me to suggest that we one day organize a Listology conference? Just hear me out: we could invite everyone that's made the Hall of Fame. If Jim doesn't mind, we'll hold the first annual conference in his house (just kidding!). Now, I have no idea how the hell we're going to pay for this, and if any of our Listology friends outside the USA will ever show up, but, why not, huh?
  • I would also like to propose an annual "Best of Listology Awards". We can present awards for Best Overall Listologist, Best List in the (fill in the genre here) Category, Best New Listologist, etc. Of course, either lbangs or Jim might dominate the Best Listologist award, but who's to say I don't have a chance. And if I do win, I'd like my award to be presented by Halle Berry so that I can pull an Adrien Brody on her. If Halle's not available, then Scarlett Johannson will do.

Here's my random thought regarding Listology:

This is THE perfect place for people suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder! One of the possible symptoms include the need to make lists. Listology: The New Home for OCD Anonymous.

My OCD is so bad I can't spend a single day without coming up with a list about anything.

Perhaps we should start a Listology OCD support group.

I like that idea! I think that this whole list-making page is a great vent for OCD sufferers' pent up anxieties! AND at the same time it's a great way to get organized, serve as a means to "show-and-tell," all in the same package. I like Listology. :)

:-) Welcome aboard!

Hi Jim!

Thanks for the welcome and an extra big thanks for this really neat site. This was an excellent idea!

Thanks! It's been up for almost five years. Time flies when you're having fun!

Does this mean that "Nick Vane", Johnny W," and "stumpy" might have OD'd?

One of these days I'm going to have to create an MIA list.

I'd love to know whatever happened to Nick Vane. I thoroughly enjoyed reading his entries.

Yeah, he is/was great. I still hold out hope that he'll keep popping in sporadically (heck, I hold out hope he'll become a regular again). Last I saw of him (or thereabouts), he posted something truly baffling about not having much to add to this site. I was stunned to see that from somebody that put up such quality stuff, and I keep hoping he'll come to his senses.

I was absolutely amazed at what Johnny W. has in the archive. If you ever did make an MIA list Jim, I hope it wouldn't include removing all their old work. Tough call on a lot of people, I guess.

It *definitely* wouldn't include removing their work. It would just be a list of Listologists that haven't been around for awhile, and that I hope return some day. Oh, and I agree, great stuff from Mr. Waco.

Jim, couldn't you formulate longest time since visit factored against Hall of Fame ranking? There's gotta be a formula in there for "Most MIA Listology Member"

:-) I have that on my "to do" list. Great minds... The current HOF will probably become the "current active HOF", "the MIA most wanted", and "the rookies" (not the real headings, but you get the idea).

Say, Jim, speaking of the HOF, isn't it about time I graduated from a two-star level? I reeeeeeaaaaaaaaly think I've earned another star. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease???

:-) All I can say is that the formulas are applied equally to everyone. There is no fudge factor or bonus points that I apply to tweak the ranking. It may be that the formulas are no good, or too heavily favor a particular form of ranking (like maybe endorsements count too much or something like that), but except for such flaws, they are impartial. Maybe when I get around to revising the HOF I'll publish the formulas and y'all can tell me how they should be tweaked.

Besides, you're getting so close! Wouldn't you rather get there on your own then have me move the bar down? And what happens if I lower the threshold so you, Mary and Johnny get three stars? Could I really then say no to Geek or Ash? :-)

Oh, okay. Hey, I didn't mean to bemoan your formula, and I hope you didn't take my forum post as an affront. Ugh, that's the thing I hate about posting messages: you sometimes can never tell when someone's being satirical, especially without the usage of emoticons. And I steadfastly refuse to use emoticons...:P

Not at all, not at all, note my prodigious use of smileys in my response. I hate smileys too, but I find them effective, so I probably overuse them these days. I actually laughed in amusement at your original post. Was that cruel of me?

My ears were ringing; I thought that was your harsh guffawing I heard...

:-) Nice. I've thought about all those myself at one time or another. It would be pretty interesting to meet various Listologists in person, if for no other reason than to see if my mental image of them comes anywhere close to reality! David Winer, a relatively famous weblogger, does "spicy noodles" dinners out in restaurants in various cities he travels to, and I think it's pretty much an open invitation to his readership (not sure about that though). That seems like the way to go, since we're such a far-flung group. But I don't travel much, so that kinda puts a crimp in that plan. Anyway, a Listology conference, hmmm, something to think about...

A meeting would be great, although I fear as a poor Okie, I probably would be unavailable. :(

I don't think the majority of Listology contributors are congregated around Oklahoma.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Well, I'll let you know if I'm ever in your neck of the woods. Let me know if you're ever in MA. Who knows, maybe we could do that Hero/Uncut swap in person. :-)

Chirstmas, New Year's, and a wedding anniversary. I've got a mailer (finally). Email me your address, and I'll get that puppy in the mail.

Sorry so tardy... :)

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Oh man, I know it. Christmas, New Years, and my wife and both kids have all their birthdays between the 23rd and the 1st. I'm amazed I survived. No apologies necessary! Actually, I'm sorry for the ham-handed nudge...

If Uma or Samantha Morton presents an award, everybody else better wear really thick padding across their backs. Grrr...

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Hey if we are living in fantasy world can Sophia Loren circa Boy on a Dolphin era give me my award. It might even motivate me to write more on this site. Just dont tell my wife.....

Here's a list idea: Celebrities from whom I'd like to excitedly receive an award and make out with them by the podium...

Actually, Sophia Loren in Divorcio a la Italiana makes my monkey wiggle.

Great idea, slipkid71! I hereby nominate you for "Annual Best of Listology Awards" emcee and administrator. If you can get beautiful people to present the awards, so much the better.

It might be hard to remember all the lists that went up in the past year...

But hey, if you do decide to tackle it, lemme suggest some categories:

Best Poll
Best Article
Best New List
Best Update to a List
Best Frequently-Updated List
Best Post
Best Game (i.e., lyric quizzes, character games, etc.)
Best Movie Review
Best Album Review
Best Newcomer
Best Overall Listologist

I humbly, and with extreme trepidation (for having opened my big mouth again!) accept your nomination as the emcee and admin. But does this mean that I'm not eligible for any awards? I mean, if I wanted to, I could nominate and award myself in every category...not that I would do that. Me thinks this should be a committee thing, eh?

We trust you. Besides, if you're going to do them for 2004 you have a whole year to think about how it's going to work. Or if you want to do 2003 awards (which could be fitting, given it's Oscar season), there's no time to think and you've just gotta do it. :-) I certainly think you should be eligible, in any case. The trick will be in figuring out the categories, and sifting through the tons and tons of new members and lists that were created in 2003. I can provide lists of such members and lists, of course, but it will still be hard to sort through them all, let alone cull a list of nominees and then winners.

Okay, Jim, you got a deal. Since I don't want to rush, I think we'll just go ahead and do awards for 2004, which gives me a whole year to think about it. I'll put the categories together, but I think it's only fair that we get others involved in the nominating process.

Jeez, what have I gotten myself into???

I ask myself that daily.

I'll try to get some tools online to make all this easier. I'll have to think about what those tools should be, but you aren't in this alone (yet :-).

I love the mystery of the people behind their computers, but I would like to meet eventually. And I have thought about famous people disguising themselves on here. If I become famous, semi-famous, and this site's still up, I'll still visit everyday like I currently do.