Random Things That *REALLY* Annoy Me

  • People being inconsiderate and rude - You know, neighbors blasting Tejano music, the idiots who get to the top of the escalator or off the bus and then STAND there like no one's behind them, babies in the theater... people who generally can't think beyond their own aura. They have NO IDEA that other people actually exist outside the four or five inches surrounding them.
  • People not using their turn signal - I don't even drive, right now, and it STILL irritates the everloving f*ck out of me.
  • Commercials - 98% of commercials make me want to rip my head off and bowl it down the street. And why play a commercial, then play a different one, then play the first one again? I'll be SO GLAD to leave this town and NEVER, EVER have to see another Cox commercial!!!
  • People giving me unsolicited advice - If I want it, I'll ask for it. Back off.
  • Parents who don't (or won't) parent their children - You know, they let them run wild in the store, make a mess, make a scene, do whatever...it's always everybody else's problem.
  • Bandwagon Jumpers - People who've never had an original thought of their own, and therefore must participate in every fad that comes down the pike.
  • MTV - Goodbye, videos. I'm damn tired of Real World TV. And what's with this show Laguna Beach? The O.C. isn't good enough, now we need a REAL LIFE show about spoiled blonde California brats? (You feel me on that one, doncha Shan?)
  • The obsession with SEX - Animals have sex. It doesn't take any sort of IQ or thought process whatsoever to talk about doing what comes naturally. There's a whole world out there; log off, zip up and go find something to do.
  • POOR SPELLING & GRAMMAR! - Unless your first language is something OTHER than English, you have NO EXCUSE! Go learn the PROPER usage of "lie, lay, and lain" for starters. "YOUR" means BELONGING TO you; "you're" means YOU ARE. And misplaced S's drive me batty. Some people drop the S from things that SHOULD be plural (baby's daddy) yet tack an S onto a word that shouldn't have it (mines - when meaning possession, not land or gold mines). This item alone could be a list. Grr.
  • Stale cigarette smoke - Smoke smell is bad enough. STALE smoke smell is nasty. And when you wait a REALLY long time between washings, that stale smoke smell morphs into a PISS-smell. Perhaps the smoker can't smell it because they're IMMERSED in it constantly. And don't think that because you're *outside* smoking in your jacket that it won't absorb any smell. WRONG! You stink, bitch, so WASH your stinky jacket when you do laundry. You shower & wear deodorant (I hope) so why undo all of that with a smokey-piss stench?? Disgusting.
  • Girls calling themselves "babygirl" or "babygurl" or some form of it. - What is so attractive about being a baby? Is it the helpless drooling or the dirty diapers? How about picking a more ORIGINAL name so as not to get confused with all the other screaming, pooping babygirls?
  • DESPERATE FREAKING HOUSEWIVES!! - Surely I am not the ONLY PERSON on this planet sick of having this show and its stars shoved down my throat every time I turn on the TV?! For the love of comedy, there are OTHER SHOWS and other THINGS to talk about!!
Author Comments: 

Man, I could sit here all day typing this list. As it happens, a LOT of things annoy me. Most of them involve people and the outside world. Which is why I live as a bit of a recluse.

I WILL be adding to this list!

Re: Unsolicited advice

"People giving me unsolicited advice - If I want it, I'll ask for it. Back off."

But if you ask for it, it wouldn't be unsolicited! (yes, that was dumb on purpose).

hehe :)

Poor grammar can annoy me, too, though I've learned that it's just not worth correcting people on them. But one thing that drives me crazy is when people write "should of" or "would of." Whenever I read that, I think, do you know what the word "of" means, and do you realize how it's totally inappropriate here? Do you just write how words sound in your head, or do you actually think about what they mean?

Yeah, exactly...that's where the "your"/"you're" thing comes in, too. Also, "wa-laa" in place of "voĆ­la" drives me mental. I see that in blogs a lot.

"try and..." instead of "try to..." bugs me because I hear it constantly, even from the smartest, most well-spoken and well-written people I know. Strangely, I've chosen to get prickly with that one and ignore most other grammatical oversights.

:D Awesome list :)! I especially loved the babygirl bit (lol!)...


  • I try not to let the state of usage drive me out of my mind. (Usage borders on the states of Givings and Take, just above Apprehension and south of Nomer.) The success of Ms. Usage in the Language Beauty Pageant makes me worry that "there" will become an acceptable alternate spelling of "their" and "they're." "Your" has probably taken the day over "you're" (with "yore" lost in the mists of time.) Both will soon be overrun by "ur." ih8 crbt kwim ld

    ih8 crbt kwim ld
    hahahaha very phunny