Random snippets from my silent holiday in Dublin

  • Cheap illegal cigs
  • I read somewhere that Irish Stout snobs drink Beamish. (Side note: I tried Beamish, and it tastes like a sloppy, less refined version of Guinness.)
  • I’ve never had potatoes in my udon soup before.
  • Where are their parents?
  • I don’t remember what makes a burrito a burrito.
  • That double chocolate stout I had was fecking stunning.
  • You think the British should have KEPT Hong Kong?
  • There was a woman stuck in the bathroom stall. She was panicking, but I didn’t have 20cents to get her out, and I couldn’t tell her help was coming.
  • Dublin’s a bit prettier than I expected.
  • Vomiters were one of the “warnings & dangers” on VT [Virtual Tourist] (Side note: this was in response to seeing a middle-aged man vomiting in the street at about 3 in the afternoon)
  • I think it’s the brewery that smells like coffee.
  • Guinness shandy? Ew! Is that Guinness with lemonade? Bad enough with black! [Note: lemonade = sprite/7 up, black = a shot of black currant syrup]
  • The prettiest bridge I’ve ever seen was a covered bridge in Nurnberg. Such an old town w/ cobbled streets. Hitler’s rally building was a weird concrete thing in such a beautiful city. Still unfinished. They kept it exactly as it was left, just moved a museum inside it.
  • Put those f’ing tits away, Orlaith. Everyone’s seen them.
  • Lacrosse is Canada’s national sport. (…) It’s a fact. I offer no explanations.
  • If that’s your clavicle, then yes.
  • 3.90 euros/pint. Must finish.
  • Had a great crepe in Paris: nutella and banana. (Yes, I talk about food. A lot)
  • Hookahs are pure tobacco.
  • Monica Bellucci is maybe 41. Hope I look that good at 41.
Author Comments: 

I was in Dublin for 3 days this past weekend. The first night I was okay, a bit under the weather. Friday I woke up and couldn't say a word - bloody laryngitis. My boyfriend and I made a stop at a Euro store (like a dollar store), grabbed a little notebook and a pen, and here are some random things I wrote over the weekend.

Dublin's a crazy place if you don't know where you're going. lol. Where did you visit BTW?

Well, we stayed on the north side of the river, in a nice neighbourhood on Upper Drumcondra Road. We spent most of our evenings in The Cat and Cage in that area. However, we went into town and visited the Guinness Brewery (and a little locals' pub nearby, recommended by a local we met in Rome). We also visited Temple Bar, though we didn't hang around long since it felt so touristy. We hit a few cozy pubs off Grafton Street and spent some time just north of the Ha'Penny Bridge near the Epicurean Centre (which was our favourite place for cheap eats). As we were only there 3 days, and I was so utterly ill, we didn't venture far and decided instead to sit down chatting (writing) in pubs where it was warm.