Quotes From Songs

  1. "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." from Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) by John Lennon
  2. "God is a concept by which we measure our pain." from God by John Lennon
  3. "Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." from Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles
  4. "I'll pretend I am kissing, the lips I am missing." from All My Loving by The Beatles
  5. "Nothing's gonna change my world." from Across The Universe by The Beatles
  6. "The way things are going, They're going to crucify me." from The Ballad of John and Yoko by The Beatles
  7. "You'll never know how much I really love you." from Do You Want To Know A Secret? by The Beatles
  8. "Eight days a week is not enough to show I care." from Eight Days A Week by The Beatles
  9. "I'm in love with her and I feel fine." from I Feel Fine by The Beatles
  10. "In the end the love you take is equal to the love you make." from The End by The Beatles
  11. "Don't dwell on what has passed away or what is yet to be." from Anthem by Leonard Cohen
  12. "When they said repent, I wonder what they meant." from The Future by Leonard Cohen
  13. "I loved you for your beauty but that doesn't make a fool of me." from Closing Time by Leonard Cohen
  14. "Looks like freedom but it feels like death it's something in between, I guess." from Closing Time by Leonard Cohen
  15. "The place is dead as Heaven on a Saturday night." from Closing Time by Leonard Cohen
  16. "I was just a tourist in your bed looking at the view." from Never Any Good by Leonard Cohen
  17. "Whatever you give me I seem to need so much more." from Lady Midnight by Leonard Cohen
  18. "Don't try to use me or slyly refuse me, just win me or lose me, it is this that the darkness is for." from Lady Midnight by Leonard Cohen
  19. "You told me again you preferred handsome men but for me you would make an exception." from Chelsea Hotel No. 2 by Leonard Cohen
  20. "The odds are there to beat." from A Thousand Kisses Deep by Leonard Cohen
  21. "I guess they won't exchange the gifts that you were meant to keep." from A Thousand Kisses Deep by Leonard Cohen
  22. "I fought against the bottle but I had to do it drunk." from That Don't Make It Junk by Leonard
  23. Cohen
  24. "I tried to love you my way but I couldn't make it hold." from That Don't Make It Junk by Leonard
  25. Cohen
  26. "You have loved enough, now let me be the lover." from You have loved enough by Leonard Cohen
  27. "What fun is power if you can't act like a rock star?" from The New Wild West by Jewel
  28. "Sometimes the world don't make sense." from I Won't Walk Away by Jewel
  29. "I could face the world fearlessly if you would face it here with me." from Cleveland by Jewel
  30. "It's just an inch from me to you depending on what map you use." from Cleveland by Jewel
  31. "Home is everywhere that you are." from This Way by Jewel
  32. "Are you only half alive or have you always been this inarticulate." from Do You Want To Play? by Jewel
  33. "Don't try and understand what you can't comprehend." from Do You Want To Play? by Jewel
  34. "You could hurt me using the sharp end of what you say." from Break Me by Jewel
  35. "It's not what I can do for anybody it's what their body can do for me." from Jeseus Loves You by Jewel
  36. "Worry is wasteful and useless in times like these." from Hands by Jewel
  37. "In the end only kindness matters." from Hands by Jewel
  38. "Nature has a funny way of breaking what does not bend." from Innocence Maintained by Jewel
  39. "A good love is delicious, you can't get enough too soon." from Jupiter by Jewel
  40. "Love is a flame neither timid nor tame." from Jupiter by Jewel
  41. "It hurts to set you free but you'll never follow me." from The End by The Doors
  42. "I can't seem to find the right lie." from I Can't See Your Face by The Doors
  43. "Cancel my subscription to the resurrection." from When The Music's Over by The Doors
  44. "No one here gets out alive." from Five To One by The Doors
  45. "You cannot petition the Lord with prayer." from The Soft Parade by The Doors
  46. "This is the strangest life I've ever known." from Waiting For The Sun by The Doors
  47. "I'm not real enough without you." from You Make Me Real by The Doors
  48. "You make me throw away mistaken misery." from You Make Me Real by The Doors
  49. "No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn." from Stoned Immaculate by The Doors
  50. "I pressed her thigh and death smiled." from Lament by The Doors
  51. "I can forgive my injuries in the name of Wisdom, Luxury, Romance." from Lament by The Doors
  52. "I'll call you beautiful if I call at all." from Call Me A Dog by Temple of the Dog
  53. "If I could love you all, I would be the most powerful man in the world." from The Most Powerful Man In The World by Sebastian Bach
  54. "Like is a battle and love is war." from Big Guns by Skid Row
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