[quiz] who are they?

  1. Alecia Moore (Pink, jenhowel)
  2. Andre Young (Dr. Dre, lbangs)
  3. Anthony Scott Flippen
  4. Calvin Broadus (Snoop Dogg, nee Snoop Doggy Dogg, auralm)
  5. Chaim Witz
  6. Christa Päffgen
  7. David Jones (David Bowie, lbangs)
  8. Declan McManus (Elvis Costello, lbangs)
  9. Farrokh Bulsara (Freddie Mercury, slipkid71)
  10. Harry Webb (Sir Cliff Richard, professor)
  11. Henry Garfield
  12. James Newell Osterberg (Iggy Pop, slipkid71)
  13. James Todd Smith (LL Cool J, slipkid71)
  14. Jiles Perry Richardson
  15. John Baldwin
  16. John Lydon (Johnny Rotten, lbangs)
  17. John Ritchie (Sid Vicious, auralm)
  18. Lydia Koch
  19. Mark Everett
  20. Michael Cassivitis
  21. Neill Kirby McMillan, Jr.
  22. Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim, lbangs)
  23. Perry Bernstein (Perry Ferrell, slipkid71)
  24. Peter George Criscoula
  25. Reginald Dwight (Elton John, lbangs)
  26. Richard Melville Hall (Moby, slipkid71)
  27. Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr, lbangs)
  28. Roberta Joan Anderson (Joni Mitchell, slipkid71)
  29. Robert Zimmerman (Bobby Dylan, lbangs)
  30. Vincent Damon Furnier (Alice Cooper, jokow11)
  31. Vincent Eugene Craddock
  32. Yorgos Kyriatou Panayioutou (George Michael, slipkid71)
Author Comments: 

birth name given. fame name requested (politely).
some of these are really easy, I know, but it's kind of a quiz/stage name retrospective.

I'm in a huge hurry, so I'll just pepper-shot these...

Andre Young - Dr. Dre
David Jones - David Bowie
Declan McManus - Elvis Costello
John Lydon - Johnny Rotten
Norman Cook - Fatboy Slim
Reginald Dwight - Elton John
Richard Starkey - Ringo Starr
Robert Zimmerman - Bob Dylan ("You can call me Dylan / Or you can call me Zimmy")

Here's a fun one:
James Stewart

Great list! Gotta run...

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

oofah - I can't place Mr. Stewart. I keep thinking of the Stax/Volt founder, but that sure ain't it.

Richard Starkey = Ringo Starr
John Ritchie = Sid Vicious
Calvin Broadus = Snoop Dog? (guess)

Try this one...
Frederick Bulsara

yep yep yep. Bulsara's got me.

agh. I should've been able to guess that one. I'm adding to my list, if'n you don't mind. excellent selection!

Vince Furnier is Alice Cooper (which was actually the name of the band until after they broke up and he took it over).


7. Freddy Mercury
10. Iggy Pop
11. LL Cool J
20. Perry Farrell
22. Moby
24. Joni Mitchell
28. George Michael

Try this one: John Baldwin (it's a toughie...)

Baldwin is on the list. nice. and good work on clearing out some of these names. perhaps you all know this... Perry Farrell chose his last name so he could have a play on the word "peripheral". for whatever reason.

oh, and in honor of your suggestion, I've added Mr. Witz, who plays the same instrument...

hmm...no one's gotten Mr. Witz yet? How's about Edward Lee Weinrib? He's another bass player (hint, hint..).

This well known bass player was actually given the name Gary Lee Weinrib. I am enough of a fan of the Canadian rock trio Rush that I have read on Rush posts that Gary's mother was from Poland and she spoke with a thick accent in English. So when his mother said "Gary" it came out sounding more like "Geddy". Several years ago Mr. Weinrib actually changed his name to "Geddy". One of the things I admire about him is that back in 2008 he donated his very expensive negro leagues baseball collection to the the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum here in Kansas City, Missouri. Geddy Lee is a HUGE baseball fanatic.

10. Harry Webb - Sir Cliff Richard


I think Freddie Mercury was actually Faruk Balsara, but I could be wrong.

Is Alecia Moore Pink?

hm. I have a third option from the all music guide: Farrokh Bulsara. I think I either remembered incorrectly or just looked at the amg's AKA entry for Mr. Mercury, which is "Frederick Bulsara". Either way, thanks for bringing that to my attention!

Faruk Bulsara is Freddie Mercury, yes.

#5 is the God of Thunder himself, Gene Simmons
24 Peter Criss from KISS
31 is the late, great Gene Vincent I believe

Mark Everett = E from the Eels