Quiz: From which books are these characters? Volume One: Still 1 (!) of 35 books to guess! Who will guess the last one?

  • 1. Aldon Pyle (***) (The Quiet American/ Greene) (got by Rushmore)
  • 2. Arbogad (****) (Zadig/ Voltaire) (got by evildonut)
  • 3. Arnie Cunningham (**) (Christine/ King) (got by Cosgrove)
  • 4. Aron Trask (**) (East of Eden/ Steinbeck) (got by cmonster)
  • 5. Atticus Finch (*) (To Kill a Mockingbird/ Lee) (got by openstacks)
  • 6. Basil Hallward (***) (The Picture of Dorian Gray/ Wilde) (got by cmonster)
  • 7. Bernard Marx (***) (Brave New World/ Huxley) (got by Rushmore)
  • 8. Carl Lee (**) (A Time to Kill/ Grisham) (got by 0dysseus)
  • 9. Chauncer Gardiner (***) (Being There/ Kosinski) (got by Cosgrove)
  • 10. Edgar Wiebeau (****) (The New Sufferings of Young W/ Plenzdorf) (got by Rushmore)
  • 11. Franz Kien (****) (The Father of a Murderer/ Andersch) (got by evildonut)
  • 12. Gandalf (*) (The Lord of the Rings/ Tolkien) (got by Rushmore)
  • 13. Gottfried Biedermann (****)
  • 14. Guy Montag (**) (Fahrenheit 451/ Bradbury) (got by openstacks)
  • 15. Hans Giebenrath (****) (Beneath the Wheel/ Hesse) (got by evildonut)
  • 16. Lord Henry Wotton (***) (The Picture of Dorian Gray/ Wilde) (got by cmonster)
  • 17. Holden Caulfield (*) (The Catcher in the Rye/ Salinger) (got by openstacks)
  • 18. Jack Torrance (*) (The Shining/ King) (got by Rushmore)
  • 19. Jean-Baptiste Grenouille (**) (Perfume/ Süskind) (got by cmonster)
  • 20. Johnny Marinville (Desperation/ King) (got by cmonster)// (Rabbit/ Updike) (got by 0dysseus) (***, still another possibility!!!)
  • 21. Dr. John Seward (**) (Dracula/ Stoker) (got by cmonster)
  • 22. Judd Crandle (***) (Pet Sematary/ King) (got by cmonster)
  • 23. Justice Wargrave (**) (And then there were none/ Christie) (got by Cosgrove)
  • 24. Leopold Bloom (***) (Ulysses/ Joyce) (got by openstacks)
  • 25. Maria Thins (****) (Girl with a Pearl Earring/ Chevalier) (got by Rushmore)
  • 26. Moll Flanders (*) (Moll Flanders/ Defoe) (got by openstacks)
  • 27. Ned Land (**) (Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea/ Verne) (got by bertie)
  • 28. Olorin (**) (The Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit/ Tolkien) (got by lukeprog)
  • 29. Samuel Hamilton (***) (East of Eden/ Steinbeck) (got by cmonster)
  • 30. Stuart Ullman (**) (The Shining/ King) (got by Rushmore)
  • 31. Susan Rita White (****) (Educating Rita/ Russell) (got by Rushmore)
  • 32. Thomas Fowler (***) (The Quiet American/ Greene) (got by Rushmore)
  • 33. Tom Billingsley (Desperation/ King) (got by cmonster) (***, still another possibility)
  • 34. Vicky Tomlinson (****) (Firestarter/ King) (got by Rushmore)
  • 35. Winston Smith (**) (1984/ Orwell) (got by openstacks)
Author Comments: 

1. Inspired by slipkid71.
2. Degrees of difficulty:
****= very tough
***= quite difficult
**= average difficulty
*= easy
3. Points system: If you guess the book of a character with difficulty:
****, you get 4 points
***, you get 3 points
**, you get 2 points
*, you get 1 point.
4. If you indicate the name of the author, you get another point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. There are also a few characters that are from the same book!!
6. The Points:

Rushmore 39 points (leader)
cmonster 29 points
openstacks 15 points
evildonut 15 points
Cosgrove 10 points
0dysseus 7 points
lukeprog 5 points
bertie 3 points

7. Just a few tips:
#20 and #33 are from the same book

i'll take the easy ones:

Jack torrnace -The Shining
Gandolf - Lord Of the rings

10. Edgar weibeau - The New Sufferings of Young W

i went through my families collection, another shot:

Vicky Tomlinson -from "Firestarter?"

No, that's wrong, but I'm still waiting for the names of the authors of the books:
The New Suffering of the Young W
The Lord of the Rings
The Shining.

5. To Kill a Mockingbird
14. Fahrenheit 451
35. 1984

Oh that's what I get for not reading:

5. Harper Lee
14. Ray Bradbury
35. George Orwell

oh and isn't Moll Flanders the name of the book by Daniel Defoe?

17. Catcher in the Rye - Salinger
24. Ulysses - Joyce

Yes, everything is right. Great!

Vicky Tomlinson -from "Firestarter?"

OK, that's absolutely right. Mea culpa.
Please indicate the name of the author to get an additional point.

ok will do :0

Stuart ullman from "The Shining" by Stephen king

how did i forget that before? dang

also Susan Rita White From Educating Rita by willy russell?

That's right!
However, I'm still waiting for the names of the authors of:
The Lord of the Rings
The New Sufferings of Young W.
It's obvious that you know the names;-)

Chauncer Gardiner is from "Being There" by Jerzy Kosinki. And isn't Arnie Cunningham from Stephen King's "Christine"?

And it's been a while since read it, but is Justice Wargrave from Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None"?

That's perfectly right.

Ok heres the authors i forgot:

firestarter by stephen King
Lord of the rings by J.R.R Tolkien
The New Sufferings of Young W By Ulrich Plenzdorf Translated By Kenneth P. Wilcox


27. Ned Land - Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea / Jules Verne

Isn't #28 another name for Gandalf, of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit?

Yes, that's right. What about the name of the author?

Lol, JRR Tolkien.


4. East of Eden - John Steinbeck
16. The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde
19. Perfume - Patrick Suskind
20. Desperation - Stephen King; can't remember the other one
21. Dracula - Bram Stoker
22. Pet Sematary - Stephen King

Yes, that's right.
P.S.: See my comment #7!

33. Desperation by Stephen King?

All right.
What about #4 and #16 (and the 'related' characters)? --> see comment #7

Strangely enough I remembered Lord Henry Wotton but not Basil Hallward.

#6 The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde
#29 East of Eden - John Steinbeck


Maria Thins From Girl with pearl earing By Tracy Chevalier

That's right.

Bernard Marx From Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

thats about all the ones im gonna get i think but if i see one i know from the collection ill give it another guess.

That's great.

Aldon Pyle From The Quiet American by Graham Greene

That's correct.
P.S.: See my comment Number 7!

lol ok then...

Thomas Fowler From By Graham Greene

I Think the character "Thomas Fowler" was played by Michael Caine in the movie version but i may be wrong

Yes, everything's right!

8. Arrrgh! To be forced to admit that I've read this book. If it is "Carl Lee" Bailey then hurrah! it's A Time To Kill and if not then I swear I've never even heard of John Grisham.

20. If it is Johnny "Rabbit" Marinville then I'd guess he's from John Updike's Rabbit books of which there are several (many?) and I've only read none.

A Time to Kill is right.
For Johnny Marinville: While preparing this quiz, I did not think of John Updike. Nevertheless I have checked out your solution and it's right. So, for Johnny Marinville, there are actually 3 possibilities.

Thanks to a google/amazon search, meaning you can disqualify me if you want, so I put the answers in spoiler tags (not that I'm certain they're right):

Arbogad- Voltaire's _Zadig_
franz kien - Andersch's _Father of a Murderer
hans giebenrath hesse's _beneath the wheel_

can't find biedermann, tho.

They're all right! ;-)

13 Gravitys Rainbow - Pynchon

Well, that's interesting. Actually, I thought of another book, and now I cannot say whether this answer is correct or not, because I haven't read Thomas Pynchon's book. Nevertheless, I'll check this out.

13 The Firebugs by Max Frisch

13. A Voyage To Abadon (World War II Merchant Ship) by Bill Jopes?