Quiz: Have a look and a guess: Identify the director! 1 left.

  1. Who's the man with the cigarette?
  2. Sergej Eisenstein (by Kza)
  3. Howard Hawks (by Kza)
  4. George Cukor (by flfrleta)
  5. Jean-Pierre Jeunet (by cramoukji)
  6. Rainer Werner Fassbinder (by cramoukji)
  7. Martin Scorsese (by cramoukji)
  8. Steven Spielberg (by cramoukji)
  9. Nicolas Roeg (by jpthompson)
  10. Elia Kazan (by grandpa_chum)
Author Comments: 

Hint: Only four of them are still alive.

I know three of them... 5 is Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 7 is Martin Scorsese and 8 is Steven Spielberg



I think #2 is Sergei Eisenstein.

I think #3 is Howard Hawks.

I think #6 is Andrei Tarkovsky.

#2 and #3 are correct!
#6 is someone else. Sorry! :)

Heh -- #6 was the only one I was sure about!

edit: D'oh! Fassbinder! Actually, I shoulda known better.

last one is elia kazan... and that looks nothing like spielberg, wierd.

#10 is definetly Kazan.
I know the picture of Spielberg is a little older (dating back to the 70s, I think), but it is Master Spielberg.

i have no doubt its him... just doesn't look like him.

Number nine is a european director, isn't he ? I'm sure I knwo who it is... maybe a clue could help :)

#9 is a European director. He is from England and he is still alive!

well, I keep rattling my braincells but I can't recall who that is... now, given your obsession with Alien, I'll propose Ridley Scott though it's very likely that it's not him
One of my colleagues recognized RW Fassbinder in pic between Jeunet and Scorsese

Hmmm... no, I'm afraid but it isn't Ridley Scott. Another clue: #9 has made a movie with which I'm even more 'obsessed' than with Alien.
Fassbinder is correct.

Oh... it could be David Lean then... but if it is, I don't really deserve the acknowledgement cos you gave me many clues...

No, he is probably less known than Lean.
BTW: David Lean is already dead, unfortunately...

George Cukor is number 4

You got it.

Is #1 a really young John Huston?

No, but I admit that there is a certain resemblance!
Clue: The director is not as famous as John Huston.

I think #9 is Sidney Lumet

9 isn't lumet... but 4 might be.

No, #9 isn't Lumet, indeed.
#4 is George Cukor.

Hehe... who could be number 9?


#1 - Fritz Lang?

No, that's not Lang. Sorry.

#9 is Nic Roeg.

Finally someone has solved the mystery of #9!
Remains #1...

I'll take a wild guess at #1 and say a young Douglas Sirk.

Frankly #1 really looks like Douglas Sirk, but it isn't Sirk.