Quiz: Do you know from which films these objects are?

  • 1. a tricycle (The Shining, got by Rushmore)
  • 2. a broken pocket mirror (The Apartment, got by Imposter) (Fright Night, got by stooky)
  • 3. a black shoe with a sort of knife in the tip of the shoe (Russia with Love, got by sleestak)
  • 4. a compass (Pirates of the Caribbean, got by directorspen) (Blair Witch Project, got by Rushmore) (Survivors, got by stooky) (The Edge, got by stooky) (Ernest Goes to Camp, got by stooky) (Lawrence of Arabia, got by Rushmore)
  • 5. pills of different colours (The Matrix, got by Rushmore) (Requiem for a Dream, got by lukeprog) (Alice in Wonderland, got by AJDaGreat) (Basketball Diaries, got by stooky)
  • 6. a photo (BW) of the protagonist's mother (Psycho IV, got by stooky) (still another possibility)
  • 7. a mask of a clown (It, got by Wezzo) (Terror Train & Killer Klowns From Outer Space, got by stooky) (Akira, got by Rushmore) (still another possibility)
  • 8. a little key for a locker (Zero Effect, got by lukeprog) (Charade, got by lukeprog) (Get Shorty, got by stooky) (Men In Black 2, got by AJDaGreat)(still another possibility)
  • 9. a sledge (Citizen Kane, guessed by 0dysseus)
  • 10. a black typewriter (Misery, got by Rushmore) (Naked Lunch, got by stooky)
Author Comments: 

There are surely more than just one possibility for a few objects. Give me your solutions and I'll verify them.
Bolded: the movies I first thought of

is "The Black typewriter" from Misery?

1.From The Shinning?

Yes, everything is right.

5.The Matrix?

I thought of another movie, but your solution is right, too. Good work.

5. Requiem for a Dream

ok, well, I'm certain it fits, even if it's not what you were thinking of. More sure than I was of Zero Effect...

'Requiem for a Dream' is perfectly right!!

8. Zero Effect? Can't remember.

And 3 is extremely familiar, but I can't quite place it. I'm sure most of these have occurred in dozens of films each, though.

I haven't yet seen 'Zero Effect', but I think I'll add it though.

I believe #3 is From Russia With Love...

You got it!

Isn't #9 Misery as well? The movie, not the book.

A sledge in 'Misery'? Well, let me think about that. Could you be more precise? ;-)

Isn't that what she breaks his legs with in the movie?

Wouldn't that be a sledgehammer..? =D

sledge is short for sledgehammer. Or at least, that's one of the definitions. What else is a sledge?

A sledge is a sleigh or a toboggan. In the States it would be called a sled. Which makes me think of Rosebud in Citizen Kane .

oh, okay, yes.

0dysseus, I deleted that F-Word Quotes list because I hated it a little more every time I saw it, and because of your comments, to which I replied:

Sorry, what do you mean? Do you mean I should quit this list and do other stuff? What other stuff should I do (if that's what you were saying)?

No, I definitely didn't mean quitting. I'm glad-that-you/want-you-to stick around... to do some "other stuff". I think that you contribute a lot (in every sense of the word.) So:

Thank you so much. I'm glad that you did that. I enjoy and respect what you do which is why I posted in innocuous grey and at a time designed so that it would slide off the *Recent Updates* page by the time the right coast of the US was waking up. I'm glad that you took it all in the manner intended. What I meant was that any material where it can be said "I wonder if this will get me kicked off." should give someone second thoughts about putting it up. And then third thoughts. I wouldn't want you kicked over the proverbial curb any more than you would, I assume. I meant that we have read the worries some have about mature content and, in spite of what we may think of those sensitivities, those concerns should be our concerns. If you still felt the need to proceed you could have used (silly, really) asterisks for the f***-letter words... or a bold F... or an under____. I meant that it seemed gratuitous and not up to the level I usually see from you (which is why I was there reading it in the first place.)

I have had my own issues with graphic content and even wrote out links to avoid inadvertent clickage (...and because I couldn't figure out how to hide links) and I still wonder if I shudda dun it (even though, as always, bertie was more than gracious.) So to finally sum up: I like reading what you write (a little chatty, a little (pix) graphic-y but we all have our peccadillos... I spew/type too fast and too much (see above.)) However, if I read "lol" one more time I may start crying... alright, you get to use one if you feel the need to respond to this. Keep up the good work!

Posting is easy. Not posting is hard... and for me, so is knowing when to shut up

Just a few (not so quick) thoughts:

I think my complete desensitization to virtually everything (swearing, gore, nudity, etc.) contributes to my lack of concern regarding graphic or obscene content. But I can still acknowledge that some people choose offense or don't want to stomach the stuff (and thus, I put Warning: Harsh Content in the title).

My obsession with movies should also explain my often heavy use of images. I think images (in moderation) usually spice up most any text, and can often make it seem like you're doing less reading than you actually are (the 'troublesome task' part of reading, I mean).

If you're going to shed tears at the sight of one more laugh out loud abbreviation, you'll either want to stock up on Puffs or disconnect the internet THIS SECOND. Myself, I find it as convenient and useful in communicating tone as the side-flipped smiley: :-).

As far as my list-related chattiness, I'll note that I don't spend any time editing or perfecting my Listology (or blog) lists/posts (as I do with esssays or screenplays), so I'm sorry if you have to put up with inefficient or downright bad writing, but I'm too lazy to write brilliantly all the time :-)

For #2, The Apartment?

All right!

4) Pirates of the Caribbean?

Not the movie I thought about, but it's right!

4) Blair witch project?

Again not the movie I first thought of, but it's right.

#7 "It", Stephen King? Not sure..

I'll accept that, even though there is still another possibility.

7. Killer Klowns From Outer Space
Terror Train



I forget, is there a little key for a locker in Charade or some classic mystery/thriller like that?

I have seen 'Charade' a long time ago. I think I remember something about a key for a locker. I'll add it, but there's still another possiblity.

2. Fright Night.
4. Survivors
The Edge
Ernest Goes To Camp
8. Get Shorty
6. Psycho IV
5. Basketball Diaries
10. Naked Lunch



#5 - Well, I know that scene in the Matrix was inspired by Alice in Wonderland, so I'll guess that. Though it's been a while since I've seen it, so I can't remember if they were pills that she took or some sort of food.

7. the biker gang in "Akira" used masks, is that the answer?

#8 - I actually doubt this is what you were thinking of, but I'll give it a shot - Men in Black II?

OK, that's right, but I still have another movie in mind.

4. Dead Calm
Northwest Passage
White Squall



4. Lawrence of Arabia

Exactly the response I was looking for.