Quiz: Anagrams

  1. Actors and Directors/ Writers

  2. Genuine class (actor, deceased) = Alec Guinness (got by Rushmore)
  3. Air cruel evil one (actor and director, deceased) = Laurence Olivier (got by 0dysseus)
  4. I'm an immoral rhinoceros (ojo: this is the actor's real name!, not his pseudonym) (actor, deceased) = The Duke/ John Wayne (got by 0dysseus)
  5. I scare monsters (director) = Martin Scorsese (got by kaplan) (or: Cameron Sisters by 0dysseus :))
  6. On any screen (actor) = Sean Connery (got by 0dysseus)
  7. Sniff and mouth (actor) = Dustin Hoffman (got by 0dysseus)
  8. Hole judging (actor, deceased) = John Gielgud (got by kaplan)
  9. Ogre or more (actor) = Roger Moore (got by ash_campbell)
  10. Copy or rage (actor, deceased) = Gary Cooper (got by 0dysseus)
  11. Best spleen giver (director) = Steven Spielberg (got by 0dysseus)
  12. Blood on moral (actor) = Orlando Bloom (got by kaplan)
  13. I'm an awful killer (writer, deceased) = William Faulkner (got by 0dysseus)
  14. Listologists

  15. Nicest or too = RosieCotton (got by AJDaGreat)
  16. Oil manic job = Jim Biancolo (got by 0dysseus)
  17. I deranges = Dan Geiser (got by Imposter)
  18. Censored ship
  19. Films

  20. Sleep with Star Touch (1971) = The Last Picture Show (got by Imposter)
  21. Rumor Idled Farm (1954) = Dial M for Murder (got by 0dysseus)
  22. A Bung Grill (1980) = Raging Bull (got by Imposter)
  23. I Enlighten the Past (1996) = The English Patient (got by Penny)
  24. Torn Installations (2003) = Lost in Translation (got by Imposter)
  25. Suggestions

  26. I end lives (suggested by JayBamBaLam) (actor) = Vin Diesel (got by Imposter)/ Denis Evil (got by 0dysseus)
Author Comments: 

Probably not very easy, but come on...
More anagrams?
You find them here.

1. Alec guniness

19. Raging Bull
21. Lost In Translation

Respect, respect to both of you!

3. Eke thud!
5. Nancy E. Rosen [um] Sean Connery
14. jim biancolo
18. Dial M for Murder

Halt girl!
VERY good!

Ooh, #13 is RosieCotton!

You got it!!!

#8. Roger Moore


George [no].. Gregor... [geeze, I need more g's]
[I'm gonna go with] Gregor R. Moro [curse that ash_campbell]
9. Gary Cooper
10. ted heard Steven Spielberg
12. William Faulkner

#20 The English Patient

15. Dan Geiser?
17. The Last Picture Show?

That's it.

2. Laurence Olivier
6. Dustin Hoffman
4. must be the Cameron Sisters

Good guesses, especially for #4. :)

7. John Gielgud

11. Orlando Bloom

4. Martin Scorsese

Right you are on all 3.

Can I add one puzzlement for solving? :)
I end lives (actor).

Thank you. I still have no idea which actor it could be.

It's three-time Oscar nominee Denis Evil!

Vin Diesel, eh?

That was quick. Can the quick solving be anyhow transcribed to the cognition that there are somewhere Vin Diesel's Random Facts? :D