Printed and Bound Materials in My Personal Library as of November 26, 2004

  1. “Preacher Book 1: Gone To Texas” by Ennis, Garth and Dillon, Steve (TPB)
  2. “Preacher Book 2: Until the End of the World” by Ennis, Garth and Dillon, Steve (TPB)
  3. “Preacher Book 3: Proud Americans” by Ennis, Garth and Dillon, Steve (TPB)
  4. “Preacher Book 4: Ancient History” by Ennis, Garth, Pugh, Steve, Ezquerra, Carlos, and Case, Richard (TPB)
  5. “Preacher Book 5: Dixie Fried” by Ennis, Garth and Dillon, Steve
  6. “Preacher Book 6: War in the Sun” by Ennis, Garth, Dillon, Steve and Snejbjerg, Peter (TPB)
  7. “Preacher Book 7: Salvation” by Ennis, Garth and Dillon, Steve (SCTPB)
  8. “Preacher Book 8: All Hell’s A-Comin’” by Ennis, Garth, Dillon, Steve and McCrea, John (TPB)
  9. “Preacher Book 9: Alamo” by Ennis, Garth and Dillon, Steve
  10. “Preacher Special: One Man’s War” by Ennis, Garth and Snejbjerg, Peter (Comic Sized Digest)
  11. “The Cartoon Guide to Statistics” by Gonick, Larry and Smith, Woollcott (TPB)
  12. “The Cartoon History of the Universe Volumes 1-7: From The BIG BANG to Alexander The Great” by Gonick, Larry (TPB)
  13. “The Cartoon History of the Universe Volumes 8-13: From the Springtime of China to the Fall of Rome” by Gonick, Larry (TPB)
  14. “Skin Tight Orbit Volume 1” by Lee, Elaine, Kaluta, Michael, Simpson, Will, Wilshire, Mary and Winslade, Phil (TPB)
  15. “Skin Tight Orbit Volume 2” by Lee, Elaine, Douglas, Max, Hooper, Ken, Lago, Ray, Luke, Tony, Morrissette, Gabriel and Sherman, Jim (TPB)
  16. “Fortune and Glory: A True Hollywood Comic Book Story” by Bendis, Brian Michael (TPB)
  17. “The Dark Night Strikes Again” Issue 1 of 3 by Miller, Frank and Varley, Lynn (SC comic-book-sized issues)
  18. “The Dark Night Strikes Again” Issue 2 of 3 by Miller, Frank and Varley, Lynn (SC comic-book-sized issues)
  19. “The Dark Night Strikes Again” Issue 3 of 3 by Miller, Frank and Varley, Lynn (SC comic-book-sized issues)
  20. “Jinx” by Bendis, Brian Michael (TPB)
  21. “Daredevil Visionaries: Kevin Smith” by Smith, Kevin, Quesada, Joe and Palmioti, Jimmy (TPB)
  22. “Batman: Arkham Asylum” by Morrison, Grant and McKean, Dave (HC)
  23. “Origin” by Jemas, Bill, Quesada, Joe, Jenkins, Paul, Kubert, Andy and Isanove, Richard (TPB)
  24. “Witch Craft” by Robinson, James, Snejbjerg, Peter, Zulli, Michael, Yeowell, Steve and Kristiansen, Teddy (TPB)
  25. “Hell Eternal” by Delano, Jamie, Phillips, Sean and Hollingsworth, Matt
  26. “X-Men: Fall of the Mutants” by Claremont, Chris, Simonson, Souise, Simonson, Walt, Silvestri, Marc, and Blevins, Bret (TPB)
  27. “The Sandman Volume I: Preludes and Nocturnes” by Gaiman, Neil, Kieth, Sam, Dringenberg, Mike and Jones III, Malcolm (TPB)
  28. “The Sandman Volume II: “The Doll’s House” by Gaiman, Neil, Dringenberg, Mike, Jones III, Malcom, Bachalo, Chris, Zulli, Michael and Parkhouse, Steve (TPB)
  29. “The Sandman Volume III: Dream Country” by Gaiman, Neil, Jones, Kelley, Vess, Charles, Doran, Colleen and Jones III, Malcolm (TPB)
  30. “The Sandman Volume IV: Season of Mists” by Gaiman, Neil, Jones, Kelley, Dringenberg, Mike, Jones III, Malcolm, Wagner, Matt, Giordano, Dick, Pratt, George and Russell, P. Craig (TPB)
  31. “The Sandman Volume V: A Game of You” by Gaiman, Neil, McManus, Shawn, Dorn, Cooeen, Talbot, Bryan, Pratt, George, Woch, Stan and Giordano, Dick (TPB)
  32. “The Sandman Volume VI: Fables & Reflections” by Gaiman, Neil, Talbot, Bryan, Woch, Stan, Russell, P. Craig, McManus, Shawn, Watkiss, John, Thompson, Jill, Eagleson, Duncan, Williams, Kent, Buckingham, Mark, Lock, Vince and Giordano, Dick (TPB)
  33. “The Sandman Volume VII: Brief Lives” (by Gaiman, Neil, Thompson, Jill and Locke, Vince (TPB)
  34. “The Sandman Volume VIII: Worlds End” by Gaiman, Neil, Allred, Michael, Amaro, Gary, Buckingham, Mark, Giordano, Dick, Harris, Tony, Leialoha, Locke, Vince, Pensa, Shea Anton, Stevens, Alec, Talbot, Bryan, Watkiss, John and Zulli, Michael (TPB)
  35. “The Sandman Volume IX: The Kindly Ones” by Gaiman, Neil, Hempel, Marc, Case, Richard, Israeli, D., Kristiansen, Teddy, Dillon, Glyn, Vess, Charles, Ormston, Dean and Nowlan, Kevin
  36. “The Sandman Volume X: The Wake” by Gaiman, Neil, Zulli, Michael, Muth, Jon J. and Vess, Charles (TPB)
  37. “Death: The Time of Your Life” by Gaiman, Neil, Bachalo, Chris, Buckingham, Mark and Pennington, Mark (TPB)
  38. “Death: The High Cost of Living” by Gaiman, Neil, Bachalo, Chris, Buckingham, Mark and McKean, Dave (TPB)
  39. “Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller Volume 2” by Miller, Frank and Janson, Klaus (TPB)
  40. “Longshot” by Noceni, Ann and Adams, Arthur (TPB)
  41. “From Hell” by Moore, Alan and Campbell, Eddie (TPB)
  42. “Daredevil: Born Again”’ by Miller, Freank and Mazzucchelli, Dave (TPB)
  43. “Witch Craft: La Terreur” Issue 1 of 3 by Robinson, James, Zulli, Michael and Locke, Vince (Comics-Sized Digest)
  44. “Witch Craft: La Terreur” Issue 2 of 3 by Robinson, James, Zulli, Michael and Locke, Vince (Comics-Sized Digest)
  45. “Witch Craft: La Terreur” Issue 3 of 3 by Robinson, James, Zulli, Michael and Locke, Vince (Comics-Sized Digest)
  46. “Sin City” by Miller, Frank (TPB)
  47. “Goldfish: A Crime Graphic Novel” by Bendis, Brian Michael (TPB)
  48. “Torso: A True Crime Graphic Novel” by Bendis, Brian Michael and Andreyko, Marc (TPB)
  49. “Sam and Twitch Book One: Udaku” by Bendis, Brian Michael, Medina, Angel and Glapion, Jonathan
  50. “Star Wars: Dark Empire” by Veitch, Tom and Kennedy, Cam (TPB)
  51. “The New Mutants: Special Edition #1 (1985)” by Claremont, Chris, Adams, Arthur, Austin, Terry, Scheele, Christie and Orzechowski, Tom (Comic-book-sized SC)
  52. “X-Men Giant-Sized Annual #9 (1985)” by Claremone, Chris, Adams, Arthur, Gordon, Alan, Mignola, Mike, Orzechowski, Tom, and Scotese, Petra (comic-book-sized SC)
  53. “X-Men/Alpha Flight: The Gift” by Claremont, Chris, Smith, Paul, Wiacek, Bob, Orzechowski, Tom and Oliver, Glynis (comic-book-sized SC )
  54. “Powers: Who Killed Retro Girl?” by Bendis, Brian Michael, Oeming, Michael Avon and Garrahy, Pat (TPB)
  55. “The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror (Tenth Anniversary Edition)” edited by Jones, Stephen (SC)
  56. “The Essential Monster Movie Guide” by Jones, Stephen (SC)
  57. “Strip Tease” by Hiaasen, Carl (HC)
  58. “Strip Tease” by Hiaasen, Carl (SC)
  59. “Native Tongue” by Hiaasen, Carl (SC)
  60. “Double Whammy” by Hiaasen, Carl (SC)
  61. “Stormy Weather” by Hiaasen, Carl (SC)
  62. “Tourist Season” by Hiaasen, Carl (SC)
  63. “Lucky You” by Hiaasen, Carl (SC)
  64. “Basket Case” by Hiaasen, Carl (SC)
  65. “Kick Ass” by Hiaasen, Carl (HC)
  66. “The Exit at Toledo Blade Boulevard” by Ketchum, Jack (HC)
  67. “Ladies’ Night” by Ketchum, Jack (HC)
  68. “The Girl Next Door” by Ketchum, Jack (HC)
  69. “The Lost” by Ketchum, Jack (SC)
  70. “Stranglehold” by Ketchum, Jack (SC)
  71. “Joyride” by Ketchum, Jack (SC)
  72. “Off Season” by Ketchum, Jack (SC)
  73. “Offspring” by Ketchum, Jack (SC)
  74. “Hide and Seek” by Ketchum, Jack (SC)
  75. “Book of the Dead” edited by Skipp, John and Spector, Craig (SC)
  76. “Dead Lines” by Skipp, John and Spector, Craig (SC)
  77. “Animals” by Skipp, John and Spector, Craig (SC)
  78. “The Scream” by Skipp, John and Spector, Craig (SC)
  79. “The Light at the End” by Skipp, John and Spector, Craig (SC)
  80. “The Cleanup” by Skipp, John and Spector, Craig (SC)
  81. “The Bridge” by Skipp, John and Spector, Craig (SC)
  82. “The Emerald Burrito of Oz” by Skipp, John and Levinthal, Marc (SC)
  83. “Bringing Out The Dead” by Spector, Craig (SC)
  84. “Black Leather Required” by Schow, David J. (HC)
  85. “Wild Hairs” by Schow, David J.
  86. “Silver Scream” edited by Schow, David J. (SC)
  87. “Lost Angels” by Schow, David J. (SC)
  88. “Seeing Red” by Schow, David J. (SC)
  89. “The Two-Bear Mambo” by Lansdale, Joe R. (HC)
  90. “Writer of the Purple Rage” by Lansdale, Joe R. (SC)
  91. “The Nightrunners” by Lansdale, Joe R. (SC)
  92. “Cold In July” by Lansdale, Joe R. (SC)
  93. “Bad Chili” by Lansdale, Joe R. (SC)
  94. “Savage Season” by Lansdale, Joe R. (SC)
  95. “Christine” by King, Stephen (SC)
  96. “Everything’s Eventual” by King, Stephen (SC)
  97. “Dreamcatcher” by King, Stephen (SC)
  98. “’Salem’s Lot” by King, Stephen (SC)
  99. “Danse Macabre” by King, Stephen (SC)
  100. “Skeleton Crew” by King, Stephen (SC)
  101. “ The Shining” by King, Stephen
  102. “’Salem’s Lot” by King, Stephen
  103. “Night Shift” by Stephen King
  104. “Carrie” by Stephen King (this + previous 3 listing above in the same HC)
  105. “Love In Vein” edited by Brite, Poppy Z.
  106. “Exquisite Corpse” by Brite, Poppy Z.
  107. “Drawing Blood” by Brite, Poppy Z.
  108. “Wormwood” by Brite, Poppy Z.
  109. “Lost Souls” by Brite, Poppy Z.
  110. “The Postman Always Rings Twice” by Cain, James M.
  111. “Mildred Pierce” by Cain, James M.
  112. “Double Indemnity” by Cain, James M.
  113. “Serenade” by Cain, James M. (this + previous 3 listings above in the same HC)
  114. “Cabal” by Barker, Clive (HC)
  115. “Gallilee” by Barker, Clive (SC)
  116. “The Books of Blood volume 3” by Barker, Clive (SC)
  117. “Alec Baldwin Doesn’t Love Me and other trials from My Queer Life” by Ford, Michael Thomas (SC)
  118. “It’s Not Mean If It’s True: more trials from My Queer Life” by Ford, Michael Thomas (SC)
  119. “Shock Value” by Waters, John (SC)
  120. “Crackpot” by Waters, John (SC)
  121. “Trash Trio” by Waters, John (SC)
  122. “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” by Rowling, J.K. (SC)
  123. “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” by Rowling, J.K. (SC)
  124. “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” by Rowling, J.K. (HC)
  125. “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” by Rowling, J.K. (HC)
  126. “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” by Rowling, J.K. (HC)
  127. “Gore Score 2001” by Balun, Chas. (SC)
  128. “More Gore Score” by Balun, Chas. (SC)
  129. “Red Ink: Terror In 2000 A.D.” by Balun, Chas. (SC)
  130. “The Official Splatter Movie Guide” by McCarty, John
  131. “Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes” by Doyle, Arthur Conan
  132. “Tales of Terror & Mystery” by Doyle, Arthur Conan (SC)
  133. “Killshot” by Leonard, Elmore (HC)
  134. “Nothing Natural” by Diski, Jenny
  135. “Underworld” by DeLillo, Don (HC)
  136. “Devil’s Food: A Novel” by Bruno, Anthony (HC)
  137. “Summer of Night” by Simmons, Dan (HC)
  138. “Dawn of the Dead” by Romero, George A. and Sparrow, Suzanna (HC)
  139. “Naked Came The Manatee: A Novel” by Hiaasen, Carl, Leonard, Elmore, Barry, Dave, Hall, James W., Buchanan, Edna, Standiford, Les, Levine, Paul, Antoni, Brian, Due, Tananarive, Dufresne, John, Hendricks, Vicki, Hospital, Carolina and Maverson, Everlyn (HC)
  140. “Run” by Winter, Douglas E. (HC)
  141. “The Works of Oscar Wilde” by Wilde, Oscar (HC)
  142. “Great Novels of Mark Twain” by Twain, Mark (HC)
  143. “Sailor’s Holiday: The Wild Life of Sailor & Luna” by Gifford, Barry (HC)
  144. “Bless The Child” by Spellman, Cathy Cash (HC)
  145. “999: New Stories of Horror and Suspense” edited by Sarrantonio, Al (HC)
  146. “Horrors!: 365 Scary Stories” selected by Dziemianowicz, Weinberg, & Greenberg (HC)
  147. “Dracula” by Stoker, Bram (SC)
  148. “The Mysterious Affair at Styles” by Christie, Agatha
  149. “Secret Adversary” by Christie, Agatha (both this and the previous entry in the same SC)
  150. “A Map of the World” by Hamilton, Jane (SC)
  151. “I Am Legend” by Matheson, Richard (SC)
  152. “The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror” edited by Datlow, Ellen and Windling, Terri (HC)
  153. “At The Mountains of Madness and other tales of terror” by Lovecraft, H.P. (SC)
  154. “Masters of Darkness III” edited by Etchison, Dennis (SC)
  155. “Hammer of the Gods: The Led Zeppelin Saga” by David, Stephen (SC)
  156. “The Atlas of Literature” general editor: Bradbury, Malcolm (HC)
  157. “The Top 10 of Everything 2004” by Ash, Russell (SC)
  158. “Tales of the City” by Maupin, Armistead (SC)
  159. “Quotable Hollywood” by Sullivan, George (HC)
  160. “The Psychotronic Video Guide” by Weldon, Michael J. (SC)
  161. “Duh! The Stupid History of the Human Race” by Fenster, Bob (SC)
  162. “The Best American Non-Required Reading 2002” edited by Eggers, Bob (SC)
  163. “The Best American Non-Required Reading 2003” edited by Eggers, Bob (SC)
  164. “The Great Metal Discography” by Strong, Martin C. (SC)
  165. “Ramones: An American Band” by Bessman, Jim (in association with the Ramones) (SC)
  166. “Stairway to Hell: The 500 Best Heavy Metal Albums in the Universe” by Eddy, Chuck (SC)
  167. “Brain Droppings” by Carlin, George (SC)
  168. “Contemporary American Slang (2nd Ed.) by Spears, Ph.D, Richard A. (SC)
  169. “Saucerful of Secrets: The Pink Floyd Odyssey” by Schaffner, Nicholas (SC)
  170. “Please Kill Me” by McNeil, Legs and McCain, Gillian (SC)
  171. “The Homo Handbook: Getting In Touch With Your Inner Homo” by Carter, Judy (SC)
  172. “The 267 Stupidest Things Republicans Ever Said/The 267 Stupidest Things Democrats Ever Said” by Rueter, Ted (SC)
  173. “Lies (And The Lying Liars Who Tell Them): A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right” by Franken, Al (HC)
  174. “Shrub: The Short But Happy Political Life of George W. Bush” by Ivins, Molly and DuBose, Lou (SC)
  175. “The Funniest Jokes from the World’s Best Comedians” compiled by Brown, Judy (HC)
  176. “Wit: Humorous Quotations from Woody Allen to Oscar Wilde” compiled by MacHale, Des (HC)
  177. “20,000 Quips & Quotes” compiled by Esar, Evan
  178. “Which One’s Pink: An Analysis of the Concept Albums of Roger Waters & Pink Floyd” by Rose, Phil (SC)
  179. “Parental Advisory” by Nuzum, Eric (SC)
  180. “Confusion is Next: The Sonic Youth Story” by Foege, Alec (SC)
  181. “Rolling Stone (presents) Raves: What Your Rock & Roll Favorites Favor” compiled by Bozza, Anthony and edited by Dahl, Shawn (SC)
  182. “A Cure For Gravity” by Jackson, Joe (HC)
  183. “Ani DiFranco: Righteous Babe” by Quirino, Raffaele
  184. “Fargo Rock City” by Klosterman, Chuck (HC)
  185. “Pornography: Private Right or Public Menace?” edited by Baird, Robert M and Rosenbaum, Stuart E. (SC)
  186. “The “Go Ask Alice” Book of Answers: A Guide to Good Physical, Sexual, and Emotional Health” by Columbia University’s Health Education Program (SC)
  187. “Is It A Choice?: Answers to 300 of the Most F.A.Q. about Gay and Lesbian People” by Marcus , Eric (SC)
  188. “Public Sex: The Culture of Radical Sex” by Califa, Pat (SC)
  189. “Stupid Sex” by Petras, Kathryn and Ross (SC)
  190. “The Ethical Slut: A Guide to Infinite Sexual Possibilities” by Easton, Dossie and Liszt, Catherine A. (SC)
  191. “And The Band Played On” by Shilts, Randy (HC)
  192. “Am I the Last Virgin?: Ten African American Reflections On Sex & Love” edited by Roberts, Tara (HC)
  193. “Full Exposure” by Bright, Susie (HC)
  194. “Asian Cult Cinema” by Weisser, Thomas (SC)
  195. “Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner” by Sammon, Paul M. (SC)
  196. “Halliwell’s So You Think You’re A Movie Mastermind?” (SC)
  197. “Ebert’s Bigger Little Movie Glossary” by Ebert, Roger (SC)
  198. “Cut!: Horror Writers on Horror Film” edited by Golden, Christopher (SC)
  199. “Mike Nelson’s Movie Megacheese” by Nelson, Michael J. (SC)
  200. “Immoral Tales” by Tohill, Cathal and Tombs, Pete (SC)
  201. “The Evil Dead Companion” by Warren, Bill (SC)
  202. “High Fidelity” by Hornby, Nick (HC)
  203. “The Phantom of the Movies’ Videoscope” by Kane, Joe (SC)
  204. “The Town” by Little, Bentley (SC)
  205. “The Fall of the House of Usher and other tales” by Poe, Edgar Allan (SC)
  206. “The Dark” by Neiderman, Andrew (SC)
  207. “One Rainy Night” by Layman, Richard (SC)
  208. “The Alienist” by Carr, Caleb (SC)
  209. “The Stranger Beside Me” by Ann Rule (SC)
  210. “Serpico” by Maas, Peter (SC)
  211. “Helter Skelter” by Busliosi, Vincent with Gentry, Curt (SC)
  212. “Downsize This: Random Threats From An Unarmed American” by Moore, Michael (HC)
  213. “Rosemary’s Baby” by Levin, Ira (SC)
  214. “University” by Little, Bentley (SC)
  215. “Riding the Rap” by Leonard, Elmore (SC)
  216. “Dixie City Jam” by Burke, James Lee (SC)
  217. “Black Cherry Blues” by Burke, James Lee (SC)
  218. “A Morning For Flamingos” by Burke, James Lee (SC)
  219. “In The Electric Mist With Confederate Dead” by Burke, James Lee (SC)
  220. “The Throat” by Straub, Peter (SC)
  221. “The Institute” by Cain, James M. (SC)
  222. “Howling II” by Brandner, Gary (SC)
  223. “Winter Kills” by (SC)
  224. “She” by Haggard, Rider (SC)
  225. “Shock Rock: A Horror Story Anthology” edited by Gelb, Jeff (SC)
  226. “Shock Rock II” edited by Gelf, Jeff (SC)
  227. "Incubus" by Russell, Ray (SC)
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TPB=Trade Paperback