Poets Laureate of England

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  1. Poets Laureate of England

  2. Ben Jonson 1616 (In 1616 Ben Jonson was named England's first poet laureate; however, the title did not become an official royal office until 1668, when John Dryden assumed the honored post. Since that time, the office has been awarded for life. The poet laureate is responsible for composing poems for court and national occasions. At the time of each laureate's death, it is the duty of the prime minister to nominate successors from which the reigning sovereign will choose. It is the Lord Chamberlain who appoints the poet laureate by issuing a warrant to the laureate-elect. The life appointment is always announced in the London Gazette.)
  3. John Dryden 1668-88
  4. Thomas Shadwell 1689-92
  5. Nahum Tate 1692-1715
  6. Nicholas Rowe 1715-18
  7. Laurence Eusden 1718-30
  8. Colley Cibber 1730-57
  9. William Whitehead 1757-85 (The 1757 appointment was declined by Thomas Gray.)
  10. Thomas Warton 1785-90
  11. Henry James Pye 1790-1813
  12. Robert Southey 1813-43
  13. William Wordsworth 1843-50
  14. Alfred, Lord Tennyson 1850-92 (The 1850 appointment was declined by Samuel Rogers.)
  15. Alfred Austin 1896-1913
  16. Robert Bridges 1913-30
  17. John Masefield 1930-67
  18. Cecil Day-Lewis 1968-72 (Father of actor Daniel Day-Lewis.)
  19. Sir John Betjeman 1972-84
  20. Ted Hughes 1984-98