Podcasts I Subscribe To (with reviews)

  • 80s Movies And Music Fest Cafe [MOVIES/weekly to biweekly/~40 minutes for 80s movies, ~10 minutes for current movies]*
  • Blast The Right [POLITICS/random but approximately once a week/~30 minutes] - Jack "The Rational Radical" Clark gives critiques of the Republican Party and how they kill, maim, and otherwise endanger the United States (all using a variety of news sources).
  • Box Office Radio Movie Channel [MOVIES/weekly/~30 minutes] - Just reads off the new movie reviews from Box Office.com but adds some funny asides to make it worth listening to.
  • Coverville [MUSIC/three times weekly/~45 minutes] - One of the biggest casts out there. All covers songs of all levels of quality.
  • ESPN.com Mix Podcast [SPORTS] - Various ten minute snippets from the hosts of ESPN and ESPN Radio programs (Melrose Line for hockey, etc.).
  • Filmspotting (formerly Cinecast) [MOVIES/twice weekly/~60 minutes] - Two Chicago film reviewers review a new theater release each Tuesday and a DVD every Friday. Pretty funny.
  • FOXCAST: Family Guy [COMEDY] - The staff (low-to-mid level) discusses the most recent episode as they play it in the background. Hilarity ensues.
  • GOP Exposed (formerly Republicans Behaving Badly) [POLITICS/random once every two weeks or so/~90 minutes] - A black Democrat goes into Yahoo chat rooms and records the Republican idiocy that follows. Though since it's uncensored sometimes the right comes off sounding good.
  • iPod Traveler [TRAVEL/approximately weekly with some large breaks between episodes occasionally/~30 minutes] - Two Londoners give travel tips for the entirety of Europe (one city or country a week). Extremely funny he said/she said banter ensues.
  • Mark Kermode's Film Reviews [MOVIES/weekly/~45 minutes] - BBC Radio Five's Friday afternoon film review segment where the host (Simon Mayo) and the reviewer (Mark Kermode) argue like a married couple. Best reviews on the web.
  • Mashup Of The Week Podcast [MUSIC/2-3 times weekly/~5 minutes] - One mashup every few days except for occasional DJ mega-mixes (that run up to 45 minutes).
  • PodFlix [MOVIES/weekly/~60 minutes] - Three drunken (though they usually do the show sober), silly 20-somethings in New Jersey review three DVDs a week. This is also great for Netflix news.
  • Radio Clash Podcast [MUSIC/random but about every week-and-a-half/~60 minutes] - Tim from London plays covers, mashups, and just plain good music. There's not much I can say about it except it's my favorite Podcast!
  • Radio Free Brooklyn [MUSIC/random/~40 minutes] - Three guys from New York City play indie and alt-rap. They go deep into the Brooklyn scene.
  • Rock And Roll Jew Show [MUSIC/random/~30 minutes] - Plays music from Israel and bands with Jewish members as well as various indie tracks that are sent in.
  • They Might Be Giants Podcast [MUSIC]*
  • Underdog Democrat [POLITICS/random/~10 minutes] - Published once every blue moon, it describes ways for the Democrats to regain the House and Senate. It's very down-to-Earth and not ranty.
  • Vox Populi [RELIGION/Biweekly/~30 minutes] - Has a panel of atheists discuss things like ethics from an atheist perspective in interview format.
  • Box Office Radio DVD Channel [MOVIES/weekly/~60 minutes] - Not a bad podcast. I just dropped it because it never talks about new movies released on DVD just reissues of classics.
  • Citizen Against Lies [POLITICS/two to three time weekly/~75 minutes] - A somewhat conspiracy driven left-wing independent goes through the news stories of the day from a liberal perspective and rants against George Bush. Finally got sick of the length of cast.
  • Democrats Are Lost [POLITICS/two to three times weekly/~45 minutes] - A self-effacing neo-con in New York City who rants about Democrats and how they're wrong. It's the perfect counterpoint to "Citizen Against Lies." Got stuck on economics and thrown in trashbin.
  • Fighting Talk [SPORTS/weekly/~60 minutes] - A weekly BBC Radio punditry comedy show about all things U.K. sports. Even if you don't get all the references the show is funny. Haven't listened since they switched hosts after going on a month hiatus.
  • FOXCAST: Prison Break [TELEVISION] - Straight rundown encapsulation of the most recent episode. Started watching the show religiously and didn't need updates.
  • FOXCAST: Reunion [TELEVISION/weekly/~20 minutes] - A recap of the last episode. Sucks that this show got cancelled.
  • MSNBC Countdown With Keith Olbermann [COMEDY/daily/~5 minutes] - A five minute show highlighting Keith's favorite story. Couldn't keep up with daily updates.
  • MSNBC Hardball With Chris Matthews [POLITICS/daily/~15 minutes] - Usually an interview. Couldn't keep up with daily updates.
  • MSNBC Scarbrough Country [POLITICS/daily/~10 minutes] - Joe's nightly story ranting about some injustice in the world. Couldn't keep up with daily updates.
  • MSNBC Situation Room With Tucker Carlson [POLITICS/almost daily/~10 minutes] - The most right wing perspective of the MSNBC shows. Couldn't keep up with daily updates.
  • Oyez Supreme Court Podcast [POLITICS/random but then multiple episodes/~60 minutes per episode] - Goes over various cases the Court decided on in great detail. Each case is an hour so I just didn't have time. The Oyez report kicks it out in seven or so one-hour blocks.
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These are the podcasts that I subscribe to through iTunes with reviews.

* = have a backlog on my iPod and haven't actually listened to any episodes.
bolded = recommended (these are the podcasts that I make sure to listen to the day a new episode comes out because they're so awesome)!