Plays I Dislike

  • Cats
  • Miss Saigon

Do you dislike these on principal because they are very popular musicals and very over done, or do you judge them on their own merits? I have found that the longer a musical plays with no changes, it just becomes old and stale..... I'm not saying that these are great, by any means (although I do like Mss Saigon, shameless tearjerker that it is, it gets to me)

I'm judging them on their own merits. I saw Cats when I was in 8th grade and didn't like it then. I guess it also has to do with the fact that it has been around for so long and has gotten old. Miss Saigon was a let-down because I expected a lot more. I like stories of West meeting East, such as David Henry Hwang's "M. Butterfly." I also heard the soundtrack many years before seeing it, and thought it was beautiful. However, when I finally saw it in London I had serious nose-bleed seats and the actors they had that night weren't the regular actors and it just seemed off. I was disillusioned, perhaps. I still bought a costly program afterward, though. It was better in my head.

I actually have to admit that I haven't seen Miss Saigon, I have only heard the CD, which I really like. It may be that if I had seen it it would be better in my head, too