People who I have gotten that I look like

  • John Lennon (I get this the most)
  • George Harrison
  • Ringo Starr
  • Ben Stiller
  • Al Pacino (most recent and one of my favorites)
  • David Schwimmmer (plays Ross on Friends, I used to have short hair geled like his too.)
  • Tom Cruise
  • Pete Townsend
  • Syd Barrett
  • Adrian Brody (The guy from the Pianist)
  • Gary Oldman (I don't see it, but I love the compliment)
  • Tommy, the Green/White Power Rangers (who's actually still with the show)
  • Chris Robinson (singer of the Black Crowes)
Author Comments: 

I'm sure there are more that I cannot think of right now. I have changed my look alot, but I have gotten all these people more than a couple times.

Okay, I finally got a picture of me up. Go here:

Geez... what on earth do you really look like, then, I wonder? I only get ONE person who I look like, not 10.

The other day a guy came up to me on the street and told me I looked like a young John Lennon. Then he asked me if I could spare a dollar. True story.

I'm not entirely shocked by the range of celebrities to whom you've been compared - although I'd much rather be told that I look like Tom Cruise rather than Ringo Starr. Almost all of those men have dark hair, similar complexions, and distinctive noses - so while the range is broad, there is a certain logic to it.

p.s. - I hope you take this as constructive criticism, but I'd have a second look at the sentence construction of your list title. It's a little confusingly worded. To me at least. :)

Oh no don't worry. Its very true. I'll try to dig a picture of me. I have a large nose.

That'd be cool. Happy huntin'

If I send someone a picture of me can they get it posted on here somehow? I don't know how to do it....

create an account and upload a picture to someplace like click on "my menu" at the top of the listology page, and go to "profile." there's a place on that page to put in the url of the photo. that will appear in your profile.

to put an image on this list, use the tag <img src = "put the address of your photo here"> </img>

Thanks, I inadvertantly found a site to put a picture on. Thank you for your help. Not the best picture, but hey, what is?

you really od look like most of em... not a bad lookin bunch of guys to get comments about... the only guy i ever get is john c. riley... the cop from magnolia and the other porn star from boogie nights... not exactly cream of the crop you get.

oh, well thank you so very much for your kind compliment. Hey, looking like a porn star is never too bad a thing ;)

The link to your pic is down, but I remember thinking you reminding me a little of Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes.

I think I'll add that one, but I don't think I've ever seen the guy.

Yeah, the picture site was only a month free trial or something like that, so I have to find another one. Any suggestions?

Check him out when you get a chance. He's currently spending time as Mr. Kate Hudson.

I like the Black Crowes, I just don't think I could ever muster what they may look like. Oh well, I'll check him out right now!

I saw a picture of him now not two minutes later, and I really do hope to look like that one day. I really want that long of hair and a beard like that. My beard right now is kind of shitty, because I have about as much hair on my upper lip as 12 year old boy. Or a lesbian. Not even that much actually. But I am only 16, and it grows in pretty well everywhere else so Perchance. Thanks.