People I've been told I Supposedly look like

  • 1.Christina Ricci- Yeah right
  • 2. Jennifer Connelly- I wish
  • 3.A Christina ricci Jennifer Connelly mixture- If that was the case I could be a super hero, a really really hot super hero.
  • 4.Jennifer Tilly- in The chestral area
  • 5.Kirsten Dunst when I'm drunk and if she had dark hair- This one stumps me.
  • 6. Brody Dalie- When my hair is short.
  • 7.Anna Paquin-especially in the nose?
  • 8.Bettie Paige-I don't see it but thanks anyway.
  • 9. Emily Browning-Woo, I look like I'm 17.
  • 10. Tia Carrere- Um.....

Your chest looks like someone else's chest?

I guess, this one guy said " Man you have jennifer Tillyian boobs"

At least he didn't say, "Man, you have a Jennifer-Tillyian voice." Now that would have been cause for a fight...

Johnny Waco

Good point.

Did you just remember the Anna Paquin comparison, or did this just happen?

Johnny Waco

This just happen. My boyfriend told me that I looked like her in the nose area.

Congrats on your Jennifer Tilly chest - that one cracks me up. I guess people haven't quite got you pegged if you're compared to 8 different celebs. A dozen people have all told me I look like the same person: Ashton Kutcher. When I have long or short hair.

Thank God nobody has ever said "you look like Ashton Kutcher".

Thank God nobody has said that to you, you mean?