A or B?

  • Film

  • Actors
  • Chaplin or Keaton - Keaton
  • Chaplin or Lloyd - Lloyd
  • Affleck or Damon - *shudder* Damon
  • Keanu Reeves or Paul Walker - Keanu had one good performance, I guess. Bonus points for guessing what film. [edit: that'd be AJDaGreat]
  • Audrey or Katharine - Audrey
  • Kelly or Astaire - Kelly
  • Naomi Watts or Nicole Kidman - Naomi Watts all the way
  • Bogart or Stewart - Grrrr. I guess Bogart.
  • Young Sean Connery or old Sean Connery - old Sean Connery

  • Filmmakers
  • Nolan or Aronofsky - I guess Nolan's had more films to prove himself with, and Batman will only increase his lead
  • Kevin Smith or Quentin Tarantino - I'm not sure why this is even a contest, but peer pressure forces it into my list, and Tarantino (obviously) wins.
  • Spielberg or Lucas - Spielberg
  • Kubrick or Scorsese - Kubrick
  • Hitchcock or Anybody - Hitchcock
  • Tarkovsky or Eisenstein - Mmmm... toughie. I haven't seen enough of either yet, but right now I'll say Tarkovsky.
  • Coen Bros or Farrely Bros - Coens

  • Films
  • Coppola gangster flicks or Scorcese gangster flicks - Coppola
  • Bowling For Columbine or Fahrenheit 9/11 - Columbine
  • Sleepless in Seattle or When Harry Met Sally - When Harry Met Sally, no contest
  • Being John Malkovich or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Being John Malkovich just barely.
  • Spiderman or X-Men - X-Men
  • X-Men or X2: X-Men United - X-Men (sorry!)
  • Dark City or Equilibrium - Dark City

  • Various
  • Neo-realism or Film noir - Neo-realism
  • French cinema or Japanese cinema - Oooooh... Japanese, I guess.
  • Serial killer flicks or serial benevolence flicks - I'm drawn to evil. Serial killers all the way. Besides, I'm not sure if the latter exist (bonus points if you can guess the fairly recent exception I'm thinking of... hehe. No bonus points if you think this game is exploitative attention mongering).

  • Music

  • Music
  • Beatles or Stones - Beatles
  • Presley or Costello - Presley, guiltily
  • Metallica or Megadeth - Metallica

  • Various
  • Thrash Metal or Death Metal - Thrash by a million miles
  • Airwave Radio or Internet Radio - Internet Radio, as above

  • Television

  • MTV or VH1 - I love lists, so you can bet I'm going with VH1 here.
  • The Daily Show or Tough Crowd - Daily Show all the way!
  • Saturday Night Live or Mad TV - Mad TV
  • Leno or Conan - Conan by a landslide
  • NBC News or or CBS News - NBC News

  • Miscellaneous

  • Food
  • Clear, icy water or pop (soda) - Clear, icy water
  • Burger King or McDonald's - Burger King
  • Hardees or Burger King - Hardees
  • Arby's or Hardees - Arby's
  • Coke or Pepsi - Coke
  • Every other flavor by Coke or every other flavor by Pepsi - Pepsi

  • Software
  • Winamp or Foobar2000 - Foobar2000
  • Nintendo games or Sony games - Nintendo
  • Windows or any other OS - Windows (sorry, it is more fully-featured, and more importantly, it has more software)

  • Various
  • Dogs or Cats - Dogs
  • WWI or WWII - WWII
  • Football or Baseball - Football
  • Football or Basketball - Basketball
  • Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan - Michael
  • Republican or Democrat - Blech. Neither. Independent, I guess.
  • Summer or Winter - summer
  • Blondes or Brunettes - blondes
  • E-mail lists or Usenet - e-mail
  • IM'ing or Phone Call - IM'ing
  • Chevy or Dodge - Dodge
  • online shopping or brick and mortar - online shopping
  • Air hockey or ping pong - Air hockey
  • Calvin & Hobbes or The Farside - Callvin & Hobbes
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More to come.

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Assuming you don't mean Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, I thought Reeves was fairly decent in My Own Private Idaho.

i Think Bill & Ted Was His best, really.

Haven't seen My Own Private Idaho. I'll let a couple others guess, if they're going to, before I reveal my favorite performance of his :-)

The Matrix? (long shot)

Nope. :-)

Okay, I'm not sure how many people have even seen this movie, but my money is on Permanent Record.

Nope again :-)

I cheated and looked for a Keanu movie on your top 10 lists for your list of all the movies you've seen. I see you really like Parenthood. Is that your favorite Keanu performance as well?

And.... the bonus points go to AJ!

As with most of my visual games on Listology, I ignore any possible interpretations of 'cheating' and instead applaud you for your detective work!

Why steal off my list. We'll all eventually combine all these together and get a good idea of just who everybody really is. Duplicate questions on different lists will serve no purpose.

Are you serious? Or are you joking?

Anyway, it seems everybody stole off Imposter's list, and I've stolen from everyone else's list. I think it's often most interesting to compare the same items on different people's lists.

I don't think any of us can have exclusive rights to any particular comparison (as if any of these haven't been made before, anyway).

Well, my original idea - which I posted and then withdrew from Imposters list - was for everyone to make there own list of questions with answers. Then everyone would take that persons list and clone it replacing the original answers with their own. This idea would replace the need for POLLS which speed off the Recent Activity page so quickly.

Unfortunately, it seems the mutation had already started with the restructuring of your old list to this new format. It's too late now. As long as people are swiping questions off other peoples lists it makes no since to go to the trouble of making a new one under your/my own name.

I guess this will result in super-long lists being ran down the Recent Updates page over and over which - if you read my reply to AJ under Imposters list - is why I withdrew my original idea. Oh well! Dead subject as I'm gone until tomorrow night.

lol can i clone it if i change the questions??

I just don't see the problem. I like the idea of this being a dead subject.

I deleted my clone. I had no idea it would bother anybody.


Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Dang! Go clone Imposter's list instead - he's the one that kicked off this great bunch of lists in the first place, and as far as I know he doesn't object to cloning, keeping the questions the same, copying the questions, etc.

I want your list back!

Clone away, everybody!

yeah im shocked he's so against it! :) lol

(anyone is free to clone my lists:) but not...oh lets say..Stooky!! (ha!..Just kiddinmg ;)

Ahhnnn, I enjoyedy your clone!

I'm sorry, I misinterpreted your original idea. But I think multiple A or B? lists on our profiles would get kinda annoying. I think I'll just include all the questions from your list onto my A or B? list. But later.

Did everybody get that? I'll let the subject die now.

Yes! anynoe who chooses Nintendo over sony is ok in my books :) i love nintendo

In my pretty limited experience, Sony games have better graphics while Nintendo software has much better gameplay. In my world, that means Nintendo trumps Sony, so I agree entirely.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs


Y'know, that's a good point. I initially said Sony, but while PS2 has some very strong games, I think N64 was more consistent in producing enjoyable games. I think I will reconsider.