new books i've just bought at my bookstore (where i work)

  • -the club dumas***
  • -king leopold's ghost
  • -neverwhere
  • -holidays on ice (love david sedaris)
  • -the darkangel trilogy (young adult fantasy about a i enjoyed in jr. high)
  • --the darkangel
  • --a gathering of gargoyles
  • --the pearl of the soul of the world
  • -lonely planet guide MOROCCO (trip planning)
Author Comments: 

***i'm in the middle of this one now and really loving it...the character of lucas corso (the mercenary-like book hunter) is fascinating to me. it's actually the book from which the movie the ninth gate was taken....a very loose interpretation. i really disliked the movie actually but heard about the book so i got curious and bought it. anyone else out there read it?

Hey Baby,
Even though I'm being a horrible horrible bad bad friend, I still think of you often, and often compose the first page of letters to you, then never send them. Perhaps I'll send one soon?
Love and beavers,

excuses, excuses. how about sending me one of those mythical letters? over and out.

You'll have to give your opinion on King Leopold's Ghost when you get finished. I read it about a month ago now and found it refreshing. I have great interest in British Empire history, and it was nice to read a concise (read: short) history of the Congo. Hope you like it too..