neat books i've finished in the last few months...

  • corelli's mandolin-louis de bernieres
  • sophie's choice-william styron
  • what's eating gilbert grape--peter hedges
  • zod wallop--william browning spencer
  • harry potter and the goblet of fire-jk rowling
  • i was a teenage fairy-francesca lia block
  • the archivist-martha cooley
  • naked-david sedaris
  • *the girl's guide to hunting and fishing*-melissa bank
Author Comments: 

*in regards to TGGTH&F...i thought this book was great esp. because of the last section which is a hilarious sendup of "the rules." there was one section in the middle ("you could be anyone") for which i didn't quite catch the purpose. if there's anyone else who has also read this, i'd like to discuss it and perhaps you can explain it to me.*

Zod Wallop is by William Browning Spencer

whenever i can't remember an author's name...i sorta make up a new's (william foster wallace) almost the author of infinite jest but not really...thanks for the correction.

Wasn't Sophie's Choice emotionally devastating? I'ts a very good book (and well-done movie with Meryl Streep), but it just sucks me dry.

Forgive me for butting in, but I need to ask someone who's read SOPHIE'S CHOICE whether the author does use the Emily Dickinson poem "Ample make this bed..." in the novel. It gets recited in the movie, where you could get the impression it's a poem about the death-bed, but it's actually about the grave.

I have to go look in the book-- I have no recollection of this, but I read the book a long time ago-- and its not really something I want to read twice.

hi bertie, sorry it took so long...YES, styron does use "Ample make this bed" in sophie's choice. the main character, stingo, reads it a funeral at the end.

Ah, thanks. I'm glad to hear that, because I think it's a great poem, very touching, even when read without the book or movie in mind.

The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing was a book for the book group I'm in. I personally thought it was cute but not something I'll ever read again. That one chapter in the middle was something we discussed but also couldn't quite figure out what it was there.

I really really really wanted to smack a few of the characters towards the end..

hmmm. i see. i'm curious though, what other books have you read in that group?

so far the books have been.. that one, the first Harry Potter book, A Canticle for Leibowitz, and The Poisonwood Bible. This month's is Wicked. November will be The Kid.