Nasty torture scenes that even affect the strong at heart ( under construction)

  • Marathon Man - "Is it Safe?"
  • Deliverance - "Squeel like a pig!"
  • Scarface - Chainsaw in the bathroom.
  • Payback - Toe smashing torture.
  • Bound - Finger shearing in the bathroom.
  • Mad Max - Ankle cuffed to an exploding car with only a handsaw at one's exposal.
  • American History X - The curb scene.
  • Reservoir Dogs - The ear scene.
  • Misery - Sledgehammer sequence.
Author Comments: 

Mad Max's scene is only a suggested ultimatum; however, when one realizes what he person must do to escape the ankle cuff, it will make you queazy. Also, I did not make this list to be sadistic, its just an attempt to make a creative list to inspire remarks. Please make suggestions for more additions.

i, for one, thank you for making this list! (i'll now consider adding the ones that don't already appear to my Avoidance list...)

Suggestion - The Canadian film "Black Robe" in which a rival tribe does things I don't even want to write about this early.

I've never seen Black Robe; I do recognize the title. I did not make this list because I enjoy these scenes, I just thought it was an interesting subject for a list. In actuality, I am extremely squeamish with violent films. Therefore, I may not be capable of watching Black Robe. Although if there is only one isolated nasty sequence, then I should be able to take it.

I haven't seen all of these but the most horrific to me was the Marathon Man scene. I was surprised that Braveheart was not on your list.

Braveheart has alot of violence, but it is a war movie, so the violence is expected. I guess the one truly nasty scene is the "nobleman" who is crushed while in bed. The scene is aquick violent scene, but I would not exactly consider it torture. Maybe this is not the scene you were thinking of; its been many 5 years since I've seen Braveheart. The main reason I excluded Braveheart is that it never came to mind.

I was thinking of the final scene where Wallace was tortured to death.

Hope you don't mind me cloaking your post, sk. I realize most folks probably know how it ends anyway, but there have to be a few that don't. And as a reminder to the whole gang, please read this before posting spoilers.

Of course you are right. I can only plead that I thought almost everyone had seen this film. I'll use the spoiler tag in the future.

An understandable assumption. :-)