Name the Group/Artist From the Album

  • 1.Hyaena(siouxsie & the banshees by SurlyBear)
  • 2.Blue Sunshine(the glove-dgeiser1)
  • 3.Express(love & rockets-lbangs)
  • 4.Closer(joy division-lbangs)
  • 5.All The Rage(general public-dgeiser1)
  • 6.Power, Corruption & Lies(new order by kbuxton)
  • 7.Hatful of Hollow(the smiths by SurlyBear)
  • 8.Painted From Memory(elvis costello/b bacharach-lbangs)
  • 9.Transient Random-Noise Bursts with Announcements( apologies, bangs)
  • 10.E.V.O.L.(sonic youth by sebreg)
  • 11.Waiting For The Punchline(extreme-lbangs)
  • 12.In Full Colour
  • 13.Eleventeen(daisy chainsaw-jblack)
  • 14.Carnival Boy(tobin sprout-lbangs)
  • 15.17 seconds(the cure-jblack)
  • 16.Babble
  • 17.Starfish(the church by kbuxton)
  • 18.Automatic(jesus & mary chain-lbangs)
  • 19.CrumbleButterglory-jblack)
  • 20.All the Nation's Airports(archers of loaf-lbangs)
  • 21.Bizarro(wedding present-jblack)
  • 22.Black Market Music(PLACEBO-JBLACK)
  • 23.Hit To Death In the Future Head(flaming lips-lbangs)
  • 24.White Light/White Heat(velvet underground by sebreg)
  • 25.The Idiot(iggy pop-lbangs)
  • 26.With Sympathy(ministry-lbangs)
  • 27.Static Airplane Jive(GBV-lbangs)
  • 28.Pleased To Meet Me(replacements-lbangs)
  • 29.Sweet Oblivion(screaming trees-lbangs)
  • 30.Teenager of the Year(frank black by SurlyBear)
  • 31.One True Passion(revenge-dgeiser1)
  • 32.Ideal For Living
  • 33.London 0 Hull 4(housemartins-lbangs)
  • 34.No. 10 Upping Street(big audio dynamite by SurlyBear)
  • 35.Front By Front(front 242 by kbuxton)
  • 36.If I Should Fall From Grace With God(the pogues-lbangs)
  • 37.Tapestry(carole king-lbangs)
  • 38.Farther Along(the byrds-lbangs)
  • 39.The Dance(fleetwood mac-lbangs)
  • 40.Crooked Rain Crooked Rain(pavement by sebreg)
  • 41.Halfway Down The Sky
  • 42.Life In A Day(simple minds-lbangs)
  • 43.File Under Easy Listening(sugar by SurlyBear)
  • 44.Paul's Boutique(beastie boys by sebreg)
  • 45.Sunburn(fuel****)
  • 46.Gentlemen(afghan whigs-lbangs)
  • 47.Rid of Me(pj harvey-lbangs)
  • 48.Recipe For Hate(bad religion-jblack)
  • 49.We Care(whale-lbangs)
  • 50.Summer Teeth(wilco-lbangs)
  • 51.Throwing Copper(live by SurlyBear)
  • 52.Slow Sky
  • 53.Diary(sunny day real estate-lbangs)
  • 54.Fables of the Reconstruction(REM by kbuxton)
  • 55.Encendedor(the dambuilders-jblack)
  • 56.Doubt(jesus jones-lbangs)
  • 57.Fear(toad the wet sprocket by kbuxton)
  • 58.Life's Too Good(the sugarcubes-lbangs)
  • 59.Fun?
  • 60.Hunkpapa(Throwing Muses-lbangs)
  • 61.Pod(breeders-lbangs)
  • 62.The Last Night In Sodom(soft cell-lbangs)
  • 63.Penetrator(ted nugent-jblack)
  • 64.Hunky Dory(david bowie by Surlybear)
  • 65.Lost Souls(doves-lbangs)
  • ***************************
  • 66.let's Face It
  • 67.A Cheap & Evil Girl
  • 68.As Good As Dead(local h-ender22d)
  • 69.The Buried Life
  • 70.High/Low(nada surf-ender22d)
  • 71.Under The Blue Moon
  • 72.Panic On(madder rose-jblack)
  • 73.Bandwagonesque(teenage fanclub-sebreg)
  • 74.Frontiers(journey-jblack)
  • 75.Psychocandy(jesus & mary chain-jblack)
  • 76.Blood Music
  • 77.Everybody
  • 78.Women In Technology(white town-dgeiser1)
  • 79.Spiders(space-dgeiser1)
  • 80.Cleanse, Fold, and Manipulate(skinny puppy-jblack)
  • 81.Second Coming(stone roses-sebreg)
  • 82.Some Friendly(charlatans Uk-jblack)
  • 83.Solitude Standing(suzanne vega by taryn)
  • 84.Talk Show
  • 85.Are U Normal?(ned's atomic dutbin-jblack)
  • 86.Pisces Iscariot(smashing pumpkins-jblack)
  • 87.Factory Showroom(they might be giants-dgeiser1)
  • 88.Angel On the Range
  • 89.Poison Years
  • 90.You Shoulda Told Me You Were
  • 91.Let Love Rule(lenny Kravitz-jblack)
  • 92.Around The World In A Day
  • 93.Flip Your Wig
  • 94.Ice Cream Castle
  • 95.Round Trip
  • 96.Arena(duran duran-jblack)
  • 97.Dare!(human league-jblack)
  • 98.Lest We Forget
  • 99.Room To Live
  • 100.Beers, Steers, & Queers(Revolting cocks-jblack)
  • 101.The Beast Inside(inspiral carpets-dgeiser1)
  • 102.Carnival of Light
  • 103.Spooky
  • 104.Natural Ingredients(luscious jackson-dgeiser1)
  • 105.Mighty Joe Moon
  • ********************
  • lbangs : 31
  • jblack : 19
  • dgeiser1 : 8
  • SurlyBear : 7
  • sebreg : 6
  • kbuxton : 5
  • ender22d : 2
  • taryn : 1
Author Comments: 

More will come later...try these for now.

6. Power, Corruption & Lies = New Order
17. Starfish = the Church
35. Front by Front = Front 242
54. Fables of the Reconstruction = REM
57. Fear = Toad the Wet Sprocket

Way to go k..correct on all accounts..

24. Velvet Underground
10. Sonic Youth
40. Pavement
44. Beastie Boys
Trying to throw in the couple I know before the crazy bangs gets em all!

Good job...keep trying. You seem pretty knowledgeable on the prominent genre.

1. Siouxie
7. The Smiths
30. Frank Black
34. B.A.D.
40. Pavement
43. Sugar
51. Live
64. Bowie

Just wondering, are you a thirty-something slaker like me?

No, I'm a late twenties slacker to the bone. BTW, good job man.

3 - Several albums with this title; Love and Rockets leap to mind first
4 - Joy Division
7 - The Smiths
8 - Elvis Costello (w/ BB)
9 - Stereolab
10 - Sonic Youth
11 - Extreme (shudder)
14 - Tobin Sprout
18 - Again, several. I'm guessing you want Jesus and the Mary Chain
20 - Archers of Loaf
22 - Clash
23 - Flaming Lips
24 - Velvet Underground
25 - Iggy Pop
26 - Ministry
27 - Guided by Voices
28 - Replacements
29 - Screaming Trees
30 - Frank Black
31 - New Order?
32 - Joy Division
33 - Housemartins
36 - Pogues
37 - Carole King
38 - Byrds (Hey, I was just reading about this album!)
39 - Fleetwood Mac
40 - Pavement
42 - Simple Minds
43 - Sugar
44 - Beastie Boys
45 - Blake Babies
46 - Afghan Whigs
47 - PJ Harvey
49 - Whale
50 - Wilco
51 - Live
53 - Sunny Day Real Estate or China Crisis
56 - Jesus Jones
58 - Sugarcubes
59 - Mekons
60 - Throwing Muses
61 - Breeders or Ween
62 - Soft Cell
64 - David Bowie
65 - Doves (also a novel by Gogol)

I'm still thinking on a few...

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

I'm going to take a wild guess here and say you, like myself, read alot of British press. Perhaps even Uncut magazine? Or Select? Q? Mojo?

Am I correct? Only curious...

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Good job man....most were correct
#31 was close
#32 was close
#45 not the one i'm looking for(I forgot about Juliana Hatfield though)
#53 I am looking for sunny day real estate
#59 not the one i'm looking for
#61 Breeders...
I don't read a lot of music press, I hate reading press. I just listen to a lot of music.

I'm sorry #22 is incorrect.

You missed 9 above - the Stereolab album.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

I used to read a lot more press than I do now. i still enjoy Uncut magazine from time to time; long, intelligent interviews with artists that matter and a nice focus on the history of rock as opposed to a recency fixation.

I only ask because I knew several answers (like the Whale album) from ads in various British magazines or (in the case of, say, Soft Cell), a particularly excited critic reviewing a English-only rerelease.

Fun game.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

I try not to read too much press on music...but I might check Uncut out...sounds like it might be good..I just live in the middle of nowhere, so I don't get a lot of that stuff. I live down in So.Cent. Okla....rural wasteland.

Oklahoma = Middle of Nowhere = Hanson = Oklahoma?

I'm in Tulsa, so we're not too far away.

Now give me credit for 9, dammit.


Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Six Degrees of Hanson...pretty friggin scary.

2. Blue Sunshine - The Blue Glove
9. Transient Random-Noise Bursts with Announcements - Stereolab
13 Eleventeen - "Why do I keep thinking about beets with this title?"
31. One True Passion - Revenge
45. Sunburn - The Blake Babies

OK Roy W.
15 the cure
19 butterglory
21 the wedding present
22 placebo
48 bad religion
55 damnbuilders
63 ted nugent
How'd i do bro'?

bada bing actually just The Glove but close enough
45.not the one I'm looking for

#13 is Daisy Chainsaw. Post some more roy w.

jsut did man..and yeah that's right.

Some of those are fucking tough. But I know several.. Here we go

72 madder rose
73 teenage fanclub
74 journey
75 jesus and mary chain
80 skinny puppy
82 charlatons uk
85 neds atomic dustbin
86 smashing pumpkins
91 lenny kravitz
96 duran duran
97 human league

I think those are right Roy W.

You got 'em bro...yeah some are completely crazy.

Jblack...I don't know how Jim feels about this but you might wish to curb your language. I'd like to think that kids could persue this site without the possibility of their parents adding it to SurfNanny or whatever it's called.

Not the one you're looking for? Then you better start adding a year to the Album titles because I can't read your mind.

First off...I hope you were talking to someone else about their language...dude. Secondly, it's not my fault that there are multiple titles w/ the same name. Bangs seems to have not had much trouble with it, so I'm not going to start adding year just because YOU are having trouble with it. The one you are speaking of is recent and within the same genre. "Search your memory"..and you shall find glory. BTW, if you were speaking of friggin' that's pretty sad.

Calm down. First of all I was referring to JBlack's language. Secondly if you don't wish to change the constraints of your game...that's fine. All I was saying was that I named a band with that album title and I thought it should be counted. It's nothing to get to upset about. I apologize if my tone implied differently.

Let me start by apologizing. I didn't notice at first that it was directed at blackie. We're all adults here and should act accordingly. That said, I can't give the credit on Blake Babies simply because bangs guessed that we'll just consider it a wash. The band I was looking for was Fuel...1998 Sony records. Once again my apologies-no hard feelings I hope.

Play nice, y'all.

On the language front, I've always considered this site to be PG-13. In fact, I figure the Internet on average is pretty much PG-13 (with some neighborhoods quite a bit worse :-) and is not a good place for unsupervised youngsters that shouldn't be exposed to strong language. As for The Listology specifically, would I prefer little or no cussing? Sure. I don't usually think it adds anything to the discussion, and in fact it usually detracts. It's verbal fluff - used for color and emphasis without adding anything (but can sometimes be used to good effect in humor - but usually in spoken form, not written). And since some folks are more easily offended that others, I tend to avoid it in public forums (but cuss freely when I know my audience personally, and know they won't be offended (much)). But that's just me. I don't intend to police four-letter words unless things start getting out of hand. Of course, it's not that simple . . .

As administrator of this facility, if enough people complain that offensive language bothers them, I'll have to do something about it. Then, if enough people complain that my solution bothers them, I'll have to do something about that too. And so on. I'd prefer to avoid all that entirely (which probably won't be realistic if the site starts getting lots of traffic, but hey, a guy can hope).

Surely the hardest working, most intelligent, handsomest, luckiest, wisest online community ever can rise above issues such as these?

If not, it's a night in the box. :-)

Well these are tough for me, here's all I can come up with:
73. Teenage Fanclub
81. I think Stone Roses

Exactly...I kinda got a little harder on this next batch, but all in all it stays pretty true to the "alternative" genre. Keep tryin'..please.

pretty sure 83 is Suzanne Vega...

5. All The Rage - General Public
78. Women in Technology - White Town
79. Spiders - Space
87. Factory Showroom - They Might be Giants
101. The Beast Inside - Nick Lowe
104. Natural Ingredients - Luscious Jackson

All correct except #101...good job man

How about...101. Inspiral Carpets...?

good job man...that was a tough one...make that 8 for you.

68. "As Good as Dead" Local H
70. "High/Low" Nada Surf


In case anyone is interested, here are the standings in my Album Game:

lbangs : 31
jblack : 17
dgeiser1 : 7
SurlyBear : 7
sebreg : 6
kbuxton : 5
ender22d : 2
taryn : 1

If I missed any, please bring to my attention.

Greg, you didnt give me credit for 85, Neds Atomic Dustbin. You just overlooked it buddy. Hook me up.

sorry's done.

jblack now has 18
dgeiser1 now has 8

Is #100 by Reverend Horton Heat?

The band I'm looking for, also has a song by the same title.

#100 is Revolting Cocks...


16. that petrol emotion
52. downy mildew
69. medicine
93. husker du?
102. ride
103. lush

Here's the ones I know that havent been guessed yet:
84. Talk Show-- Go-Go's
92. Around the World in a day-- Prince
103. Spooky-- Lush

93 - Husker Du