My top 10 most beautiful Actresses of Classic Films

  • 1.Sophia Loren ( El Cid, Houseboat)
  • 2.Bibi Andersson(The seventh seal)
  • 3.Mapressa Dawn( Black Orpheus)
  • 4.Claudia Cardinale(8 1/2)
  • 5.Barbara Stanwyck(Double Indemnity, The lady Eve)
  • 6.Ingrid Bergman( Notorius)
  • 7.Colette Colbert(It happened one night)
  • 8.Greta Garbo(Grand Hotel)
  • 9.Angela Molina( The obseure object of Desire)
  • 10.Ava Gardner( Show boat and Mogambo)
Author Comments: 

films in Parenthesis are when their beauty really shines through.