My Ten Favorite Albums (Limit One Per Artist)

  • 1. The Rolling Stones-Exile on Main St.
  • 2. The Ramones-The Ramones
  • 3. The Beatles-For Sale
  • 4. Tom Waits-Rain Dogs
  • 5. Bob Dylan-The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan
  • 6. Elvis Costello-Get Happy!
  • 7. T.Rex-Electric Warrior
  • 8. Neil Young-Tonights the Night
  • 9. The Clash-London Calling
  • 10. The Silver Jews-American Water
Author Comments: 

If I didn't limit the amount per band, the stones would have three, the ramones three and the beatles and bob dylan each two.

Last night I saw The Clashed (tribute band), and they were fantastic (see my review).