My Personal Library (in progress)

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  1. Books

  2. Fiction

  3. The Hitchikers Guide to the Galexy- Douglas Adams
  4. The Restaurant at the End of the Universe- Douglas Adams
  5. The Bear Nobody Wanted- Janet and Allen Ahlberg
  6. A Bachelor's Establishment- Balzac
  7. Sign of the Cat and Racket- Balzac
  8. The Barber of Seville- Pierre-Augustin Beaumarchais
  9. The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho
  10. El Alquemista- Paulo Coelho
  11. By the River Peidra I Sat Down and Wept- Paulo Coelho
  12. The Fifth Mountain- Paulo Coelho
  13. The Pilgramage- Paulo Coelho
  14. The Valkyries- Paulo Coelho
  15. Veronika Decides to Die- Paulo Coelho
  16. El Zahir- Paulo Coelho
  17. The Cid- Pierre Corneille
  18. American Notes- Charles Dickens
  19. The Cricket on the Hearth- Charles Dickens
  20. A Tale of Two Cities- Charles Dickens
  21. The Three Musketeers- Alexander Dumas
  22. Madame Bovary- Gustave Flaubert
  23. A Lesson Before Dying- Ernest J. Gaines
  24. The Hanover Square Affair- Ashley Gardner
  25. James the Fourth- Robert Greene
  26. The Odessy- Homer
  27. The Spamish Tragedie- Thomas Kyd
  28. The Phantom of the Opera- Gaston Leroux
  29. The Two Princesses of Bamarre- Gail Carson Levine
  30. The Unicorn and Other Poems- Anne Morrow Lindbergh
  31. Tales of the Fish Patrol- Jack London
  32. Campaste- John Lyly
  33. The Game of Love and Chance- Pierre Marivaux
  34. Dr. Faustus- Christopher Marlowe
  35. The Intellectual Ladies- Moliere
  36. The Misanthrope- Moliere
  37. Tartuffe- Moliere
  38. Lolita- Vladimir Nabokov
  39. The Tapestries- Kien Nguyen
  40. Anna Christie- Eugene O'Neill
  41. Desire Under the Elms- Eugene O'Neill
  42. The Emperor Jones- Eugene O'Neill
  43. The Great God Brown- Eugene O'Neill
  44. The Hairy Ape- Eugene O'Neill
  45. The Iceman Cometh- Eugene O'Neill
  46. Mourning Becomes Electra- Eugene O'Neill
  47. Strange Interlude- Eugene O'Neill
  48. 1984- George Orwell
  49. Animal Farm- George Orwell
  50. David and Bethsabe- George Peele
  51. The Complete Works- Edgar Allen Poe
  52. Cambises- Thomas Preston
  53. Phaedra- Jean Racune
  54. Gammer Grutons Nedle- Mr. S., Master of Arts
  55. Gorboduc; Or, Ferrex and Porrex- Thomas Sackville and Thomas Norton
  56. Mauprat- George Sand
  57. All's Well That Ends Well- William Shakespeare
  58. Antony and Cleopatra- William Shakespeare
  59. As You Like It- William Shakespeare
  60. Hamlet, Prince of Denmark- William Shakespeare
  61. The Comedy of Errors- William Shakespeare
  62. Coriolanus- William Shakespeare
  63. Cymbeline- William Shakespeare
  64. Julius Caesar- William Shakespeare
  65. King Henry the Fourth- William Shakespeare
  66. King Henry the Fifth- William Shakespeare
  67. King Henry the Sixth- William Shakespeare
  68. King Henry the Eighth- William Shakespeare
  69. King John- William Shakespeare
  70. King Lear- William Shakespeare
  71. King Richard the Second- William Shakespeare
  72. King Richard the Third- William Shakespeare
  73. Love's Labour's Lost- William Shakespeare
  74. Macbeth- William Shakespeare
  75. Measure for Measure- William Shakespeare
  76. The Merchant of Venice- William Shakespeare
  77. The Merry Wives of Windsor- William Shakespeare
  78. A Midsummer Night's Dream- William Shakespeare
  79. Much Ado about Nothing- William Shakespeare
  80. Othello, The Moor of Venice- William Shakespeare
  81. Pericles- William Shakespeare
  82. Romeo and Juilet- William Shakespeare
  83. Sonnets- William Shakespeare
  84. The Taming of the Shrew- William Shakespeare
  85. The Tempest- William Shakespeare
  86. Timon of Athens- William Shakespeare
  87. Titus Andronicus- William Shakespeare
  88. Troilus and Cressida- William Shakespeare
  89. Twelfth Night; Or, What You Will- William Shakespeare
  90. The Two Gentlemen of Verona- William Shakespeare
  91. The Winter's Tale- William Shakespeare
  92. Frankenstien- Mary Shelly
  93. The Last Shogun- Ryotaro Shiba
  94. The Hundred and One Dal
  95. The Starlight Barking- Dodie Smith
  96. Electra- Sophocles
  97. Oedipus The King- Sophocles
  98. Dracua- Bram Stoker
  99. Roister Doister- Nicholas Udall
  100. The Blue Flower- Henry Van Dyke
  101. Fishermans Luck- Henry Van Dyke
  102. Out of Doors in the Holy Land- Henry Van Dyke
  103. Candide- Voltaire
  104. The Color Purple- Alice Walker

  105. Reference

  106. Magnet Therapy- Antonia Beattie
  107. Silent Spring- Rachel Carson
  108. Test Your Own IQ- Philip Carter and Ken Russell
  109. Romanticism: 1780-1860- Ilaria Ciseri
  110. Warrior of the Light- Paulo Coelho
  111. The World of Art- Sandra Fortv
  112. Saint Germaine on Alchemy- Saint Germaine
  113. The Complete Book of Astrology- Catilin Johnstone
  114. Kalho- Andrea Kettenmann
  115. Capital- Karl Marx
  116. The Communist Manifesto- Karl Marx
  117. Socialism: Utopian and Scientific- Karl Marx
  118. Wages, Price, and Profit- Karl Marx
  119. On Socialism- John Stuart Mill
  120. Palmistry- Hazel Whitaker

  121. Commonwealth of Massachusetts Driver's Manual 2005
  122. Latin American Spanish Phrasebook
  123. What I Want to Know About Japan

  124. Graphic Novels

  125. Love Hina vol. 1- Ken Akamatsu
  126. Love Hina vol. 2- Ken Akamatsu
  127. Love Hina vol. 3- Ken Akamatsu
  128. Love Hina vol. 4- Ken Akamatsu
  129. Love Hina vol. 5- Ken Akamatsu
  130. Love Hina vol. 6- Ken Akamatsu
  131. Love Hina vol. 7- Ken Akamatsu
  132. Love Hina vol. 8- Ken Akamatsu
  133. Love Hina vol. 9- Ken Akamatsu
  134. Love Hina vol. 10- Ken Akamatsu
  135. Love Hina vol. 11- Ken Akamatsu
  136. Love Hina vol. 12- Ken Akamatsu
  137. Love Hina vol. 13- Ken Akamatsu
  138. Love Hina vol. 14- Ken Akamatsu
  139. Negima vol. 3- Ken Akamatsu
  140. The Wanderer vol. 1- Narumi Kakinouchi
  141. Princess Ai vol. 1- Kujiradou, Love, and Milky
  142. Princess Ai vol. 2- Kujiradou, Love, and Milky
  143. MARS vol. 3- Fuyumi Soryo
  144. MARS vol. 8- Fuyumi Soryo
  145. MARS vol. 11- Fuyumi Soryo
  146. MARS vol. 12- Fuyumi Soryo
  147. MARS vol. 13- Fuyumi Soryo
  148. InuYasha vol. 2- Rumiko Takahashi
  149. InuYasha vol. 4- Rumiko Takahashi
  150. InuYasha vol. 6- Rumiko Takahashi
  151. InuYasha vol. 7- Rumiko Takahashi
  152. Ranma 1/2 vol. 1- Rumiko Takahashi
  153. Frutis Basket vol. 2- Natsuki Takaya
  154. Shaman King vol. 3- Hiroyukui Takei
  155. Shaman King vol. 4- Hiroyukui Takei
  156. Sgt Frog vol. 1- Mine Yoshizaki
  157. Godchild vol. 1- Kaori Yuki
  158. The Rising Stars of Manga vol. 1- Various Artists
  159. The Rising Stars of Manga vol. 3- Various Artists

  160. Magazines

  161. Gothic and Lolita Bible vol. 12
  162. Gothic and Lolita Bible Extra
  163. Gothic and Lolita Sewing vol. 7
  164. Rebelde (unknown vol.)
  165. Shojo Beat vol. 0
  166. Shojo Beat vol. 2