My girlfriend is a brunette: things I've eaten since moving in my new apartment

  • Toast with butter and/or black cherry jam and/or pine honey and/or traditional belgian fruit syrup and/or chocolate spread -every other morning
  • Crispy wheat muesli with added almonds, hazelnuts, brazil nuts and pecan nuts with yoghurt -every other morning
  • Potato chips and various crisps made of corn -lots at various times
  • Fruit-flavored candy -once in a while
  • Licorice and mint-flavored candy -almost constantly
  • Instant soups and pot noodles -too often already
  • Chili con carne -once (cooked by yours truly)
  • Chicken meat cubed and served in sweet-sour sauce with saffran rice -once (cooked by yours truly)
  • "Cordons bleus" (if you don't know, that would be a crispy steak of poultry meat with cheese and ham) with potato wedgies and large-size english-style green peas (cooked by my girlfriend and I) -once
  • Italian-style veal steaks dipped in an egg&basil sauce served with wheat salad and cooked tomatoes (cooked by my girlfriend) -once
  • Spaghetti with a cream-based tomato and basil sauce (cooked by yours truly) -once
  • Spaghetti Bolognese (cooked by my girlfriend) -once
  • Burgers with fries and beans in tomato sauce (cooked by my girlfriend and I) -once
  • Beefsteaks with fries, small-size green peas and tossed salad -once
  • Pork sausage with steamed potatoes and apple mousse (this is a very common meal in Belgium, amost traditional) -once
  • Wiener Schnitzels with rice, chili beans and sweet corn -once
Author Comments: 

This might or might not be complete and might or might not become an evolving list...

Friend, you have some decent sounding meals here. Just please, for the love of your health, tastebuds and general good taste, lay off the pot noodle!

well, it turned out the pot noodles especially came into play during the hectic first two weeks when we basically lived with our belongings stored away in boxes and nothing much available to do any decent cooking or sleeping or entertaining...

Well I suppose in desperation we've all committed atrocities against food.

Congrats on the new digs!